After a lifetime of farming, Jim & Paulette have decided to retire. Equipment is well maintained and shedded. For information contact Jim 320.226.3967 or Curt Gillespie at Steffes Group, 320.693.9371 or 320.760.4567.


LOCATION: From Milan, MN, 1.5 miles south on US Hwy 59, 1/2 mile west on 50th St. NW. 15035 50th St. NW, Milan, MN 56262



PREVIEW: By Appointment


LOADOUT: April 3 & April 4, 2020 or By Appointment


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: After a lifetime of farming, Jim & Paulette have decided to retire. Equipment is well maintained and shedded.



1997 John Deere 9200 4WD, buddy seat, 24 spd., 3 hyd., AM/FM radio, 200 ATU included, LED rear lights, Michelin Agribib 520/85R42 tires at 85%, 4,712 hrs., S/NRW9200H0011478, (brown box not included)

2008 John Deere 7930 MFWD, IVT, TLS, leather drivers seat, buddy seat, 4 hyd. & 2 aux. hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, small 540 & 1000 PTO, integrated auto steer, autosteer ready, joystick, foot throttle, electric mirrors, Sturd-E-Built rock box, front fenders, Goodyear 380/85R34 front tires, Goodyear 380/90R50 rear tires, shows 2,162 hrs., S/NRW7930D011478, (globe sold separately)

John Deere 4560 2WD, synchro, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, large 1000 PTO, rock box, New 11.00-16 front tires, 18.4R42 rear tires, 7,805 hrs., New water pump, S/NRW4560H001845



2010 John Deere 9570 combine, STS, premium cab, GreanStar ready, Yield monitor, Gold Key tour, control center, AM/FM radio w/CD player, standard reverser, lateral tilt feeder house, round bar concave, grain tank extension, block heater, heavy duty rear axle spindle, 30.5-32 front tires, 420/85R26 rear tires, 1,201 sep. hrs., 1,740 engine hrs., S/N1H09570SEA0735606

2016 John Deere 625F HydraFlex flex head, light pkg., stubble lights, single pt. hookups, less than 1,000 acres, S/N1H00625FLG0785206

2014 Harvestec 5306C chopping corn head, 6 row, stalk stompers, S/N13381

John Deere pickup head, 5-belt



(2) John Deere brown box, SF1, mobile processor

John Deere Starfire 3000 globe, S/NPCGT3TA328555

John Deere Starfire 3000 globe, S/NPCGT3TA684617



John Deere 455 drill, 25′, 7-1/2″ spacing, markers, recent replacement of discs & bearings, S/NN00455H001522



2007 John Deere 1760 vacuum planter, 12 row, front fold, MaxEmerge XP units, spike tooth row cleaners, markers, S/N1A01760RTBM745124



2014 John Deere 2700 disc ripper, 5 shank, single pt. depth, Summers 3-bar harrow, 12.5L-15 tires, S/N1A2700XHC0745187

2013 Sunflower 5035 field cultivator, 30′, rolling baskets, 3-bar harrow, S/NAGCS50350C2500128X30

1995 Sunflower 1433-25 disc, 25′, cushion gang, front gauge wheels, S/N1495-456




Brent GT740 gravity box, brakes, light pkg., Michelin 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N740404

Brent GT440 heavy duty gravity box, roll tarp, brakes, light pkg., 425/65R22.5 tires, S/NB1553182

Brent 472 grain cart, small 1000 PTO, roll tarp, light pkg., 20.8-38 tires, slight auger damage



1986 IHCS 1900 F1954 tandem axle grain truck, DT466, automatic, Marshall 20′ machine box, twin cylinder hoist, SRT roll tarp, 13/80R20 front tires on Dayton wheels, 11R22.5 rear tires on Dayton wheels, 47,485 miles, S/N1HTLKTVR6GHA61094

2002 May 5th wheel car trailer, 22′ bed w/2′ beaver tail, rub rails, underbody ramps, 235/85R16 tires on 8-bolt rims, S/N4C8GS24222A004471

1993 Unverferth HT30 header trailer, 4-wheel, 7.50-10 tires

Shop-Built utility trailer, 5’x10′, tilt, wood sides, rear ramp, 195/70R14 tires, Life Time Sticker



2015 Fast 9610 sprayer, 90′ booms, 1,100 gal. tank, triple nozzle bodies, 380/90R46 tires, S/N961062601214



Westfield MK80-61 auger, 61’x8″, 540 PTO, swing hopper

Westfield W80-31 loadout auger, 31’x8″, 5 hp. single phase electric motor

Unverferth hyd. drill fill auger, for gravity box, S/NA54000211

Auger hopper, round, black




Glencoe F557B rotary ditcher, 3 pt., small 1000 PTO, S/N02290

Round bale trailer, 80′, 3-axles

S.I. Feeders fence line feeder, 15′

(3) Boxes of Shoup sunflower harrow teeth, for Sunflower field cultivator, new

2002 Loftness 962H snowblower, hyd. Spout, S/N50-K-20

Fuel barrel, 2,000 gal., Tuthill pump

Roto Mold black tank, 1,650 gal

Heavy duty grain/silage tarp, approx. 100’x150’+/-




Jim 320.226.3967

or Curt Gillespie at Steffes Group, 320.693.9371 or 320.760.4567

Lot #: 1

2014 Harvestec 5306C

in: Headers

Lot #: 2

2016 John Deere 625F

in: Headers

Lot #: 3

John Deere

in: Headers

Lot #: 4

Brent 472

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 5

Brent GT740

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 6

Brent GT440

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 7

Westfield MK80-61

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 8

Westfield W80-31

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 9

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 10

in: Hay & Forage Equipment

Lot #: 11

in: Livestock Handling

Lot #: 12

S.I. Feeders

in: Livestock Handling

Lot #: 13

2015 Fast 9610

in: Applicators

Lot #: 14

2007 John Deere 1760

in: Seeding Equipment

Lot #: 15

2014 John Deere 2700

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 16

1995 Sunflower 1433-25

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 17

2013 Sunflower 5035

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 18

in: Tanks

Lot #: 19

in: Tanks

Lot #: 20

Roto Mold

in: Tanks

Lot #: 21

1997 John Deere 9200

in: Tractors

Lot #: 22

2008 John Deere 7930

in: Tractors

Lot #: 23

John Deere 4560

in: Tractors

Lot #: 24

2002 May

in: Trailers

Lot #: 25

1993 Unverferth HT30

in: Trailers

Lot #: 26


in: Trailers

Lot #: 27

1986 IHC S1900 F1954

in: Trucks

Lot #: 28

John Deere 455

in: Seeding Equipment

Lot #: 29

Glencoe F557B

in: Earth Moving Equipment

Lot #: 30

2010 John Deere 9570

in: Combines

Lot #: 31

John Deere

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 32

John Deere

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 33

John Deere Starfire 3000

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 34

John Deere Starfire 3000

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 35

2002 Loftness 962H

in: Snowblowers

Lot #: 36


in: Miscellaneous Parts

Lot #: 37


in: Miscellaneous Parts


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