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terry & nancy kangas auction

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15 February, 2020

Nice Collection Winchester, Other Firearms, Large & Amazing Classic and Using Ammo Collection, Super Sharp 2011 Late Model Alumacraft Aluminum Fishing Boat, Motor and Trailer ? Loaded/Absolutely Like Brand New, Prints, Knives, Traps and Other Sporting, Fishing, Hunting Related, Plus Much More

Lot #: 1


Lot #: 2


Lot #: 101

Stevens Rifle

Lot #: 101a

CIL Whiz bang .22 long

Lot #: 102

H. Pieper Rifle

Lot #: 102a

Western Super X .22 long x2

Lot #: 103

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 103a

Imperial .22 long H.V.

Lot #: 104

Baikal Shotgun

Lot #: 104a

Kleanbore & Western .22 Auto x2

Lot #: 105

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 105a

Peters Pin

Lot #: 106

Marvel Rifle

Lot #: 106a

Winchester ranger 12 GA.

Lot #: 107

Winchester Shotgun – Model 840

Lot #: 107a

Gambles 12 GA. S&G

Lot #: 108

Marlin Rifle

Lot #: 108a

Hiawatha ” ACE ” 12 GA. 2 3/4

Lot #: 109

Remington Rifle

Lot #: 109a

Dead shot pin

Lot #: 110

Winchester Shotgun

Lot #: 110a

Eley Alphamax 12 GA. 2/3/4

Lot #: 111

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 111a

Holiday .22 Long rifle high V

Lot #: 112

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 112a

Double Eagle 12 GA. target shells

Lot #: 113

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 113a

CIL super clean .22

Lot #: 114

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 114a

Peters .32 Rustless

Lot #: 115

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 115a

CIL super clean .22 short & .22 long x2

Lot #: 116

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 116a

Wards Redhead.16 GA. long range

Lot #: 117

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 117a

Hiawatha .22 high speed “ACE” x 2

Lot #: 118

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 118a

American Eagle .22 short & Revelation .22 short x2

Lot #: 119

Ruger American Rifle

Lot #: 119a

Wards .22 Short long & Sears STA -Klean .22 long

Lot #: 120

Savage Rifle

Lot #: 120a

Lesmok US Cart .22 short 2x

Lot #: 121

Winchester Shotgun

Lot #: 121a

US Cartridge Long rifle .22 rimfire

Lot #: 122

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 122a

Eley grand prix 16 GA. 2 3/4″

Lot #: 123

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 123a

CIL .22 long rifle 100 cartridge

Lot #: 124

Winchester Rifle –

Lot #: 124a

Western rimfire .22 Long & (2) Winchester .22 long

Lot #: 125

Winchester Youth Rifle

Lot #: 125a

Winchester .22 short Lesmok

Lot #: 126

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 126a

Winchester percision .22 long/Peters target .22 lg

Lot #: 127

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 127a

Peters High velocity 12 GA.

Lot #: 128

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 128a

Winchester Copper .22 long

Lot #: 129

Henry Rifle

Lot #: 129a

Winchester copper .22 short

Lot #: 130

Springfield Rifle

Lot #: 130a

Federal 16 GA. Monark

Lot #: 131

Winchester Shotgun

Lot #: 131a

Peters button/pin

Lot #: 132

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 132a

US blank .22 short & Western .22 blank x2

Lot #: 133

Winchester Shotgun

Lot #: 133a

Super X .22 Long, long range 500 Brick

Lot #: 134

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 134a

Peters outdoor .22 long tack hole

Lot #: 135

Benelli Shotgun

Lot #: 135a

US Climax Heavies 12 GA. 2 3/4 “

Lot #: 136

Remington Rifle

Lot #: 136a

Peters cartridge center fire .38 S&W

Lot #: 137

Ranger Rifle

Lot #: 137a

Western .38 special center fire

Lot #: 138

Stevens Rifle /Shotgun

Lot #: 138a

Winchester .22 longrifle brick

Lot #: 139

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 139a

Peters .28 GA paper shot

Lot #: 140

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 140a

Winchester 401 Cal

Lot #: 141

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 141a

US Climax heavies 12 Ga. Long range

Lot #: 142

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 142a

Old Western scrounger .22 auto 1903

Lot #: 143

Winchester Shotgun

Lot #: 143a

Holiday 12 GA slug

Lot #: 144

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 144a

Western 351 Center fire

Lot #: 145

Winchester Youth Rifle

Lot #: 145a

Bisley .22 target long rifle Dominion

Lot #: 146

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 146a

Eley Rex cartridge 12 GA.2 1/2″

Lot #: 147

Winchester Youth Rifle

Lot #: 147a

Peters pin/button

Lot #: 148

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 148a

Gambles 12 GA. Ace shot

Lot #: 149

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 149a

Peters .22 cal. longrifle x 3

Lot #: 150

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 150a

Clinton cartridge Co. .22 shot

Lot #: 151

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 151a

Remington nitro club game loads 20GA. & peters pin

Lot #: 152

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 152a

Winchester 1894 .30 cal

Lot #: 153

Page Lewis Rifle

Lot #: 153a

Robin hood ammo .38 cal Rare

Lot #: 154

Page Lewis Rifle

Lot #: 154a

Winchester 32-40 John Wayne

Lot #: 155

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 155a

Peters Referee 28 GA. ( Empty Box)

Lot #: 156

Henry Rifle

Lot #: 156a

Western Xpert 12 GA. US property

Lot #: 157

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 157a

Navy Arms .32 short rim fire

Lot #: 158

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 158a

Winchester 45-60 x2

Lot #: 159

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 159a

Western xpert(empty)&Super(empty)

Lot #: 160

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 160a

Western super winchester 308 & Roberts 257 2x

Lot #: 161

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 161a

Remington 25/20 Highspeed

Lot #: 162

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 162a

Remington clean bore 348 winchester

Lot #: 163

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 163a

Remington Klean bore 32 winchester special

Lot #: 164

Browning Rifle

Lot #: 164a

Old Western Scrounger 32-20 winchester

Lot #: 165

Belgium Shotgun

Lot #: 165a

John Murray Wyoming Bone- handled hunting knife

Lot #: 166

Gordon Harlow Shotgun

Lot #: 166a

Hen & Rooster Custom-made Hunting Knife

Lot #: 167

Stevens Shotgun

Lot #: 167a

RJ Knives Montana Handcrafted Knife

Lot #: 168

Hopkins Allen Shotgun

Lot #: 168a

Vintage United Nations 1977 Stelletto Knife

Lot #: 169

CVA Mussel Loader

Lot #: 169a

Vintage American Knife Co, Solingen Germany

Lot #: 170

Winchester Rifle

Lot #: 170a

Ducks Unlimited North American Flyway Knife

Lot #: 171

Smith and Wesson Pistol

Lot #: 171a

Vintage Remington 22 “Golden Bullet” Store Ammo

Lot #: 172

Ruger Pistol

Lot #: 172a

Reloading Display

Lot #: 173

Marlin Pistol

Lot #: 173a

Speer Bullets Display w/Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Lot #: 174

CMC Pepper Box pistol

Lot #: 174a

Walnut Shotgun Shell Display w/Vintage Shells

Lot #: 175

No Name Pistol –

Lot #: 175a

.”Dates of Manufacture 1 0f 1000″

Lot #: 176

Benelli Shotgun

Lot #: 176a

Gambles “ACE” 410ga Wooden Shell Crate/Box

Lot #: 177

Winchester Shotgun

Lot #: 177a

Hamm’s “Land of Sky Blue Water” Beer Tray/Vintage


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Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. United Country Aasness Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.