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brian paumen estate auction

Steffes Group Inc.

1 December, 2020 8:00 am

Brian loved farming and took good care of his equipment. All equipment was shedded and not used during the 2020 growing season. Equipment is all located at the Steffes Litchfield location. For more information contact Eric Gabrielson at Steffes Group, 320.693.9371 or 701.238.2570





LOCATION: 24400 MN Hwy 22 South Litchfield, MN 55355


PREVIEW: Monday – Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

LOADOUT: Monday – Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Brian loved farming and took good care of his equipment.  All equipment was shedded and not used during the 2020 growing season.




2009, Versatile, 375, 4WD, buddy seat, cloth interior, Cummins eng., 4 hyd., 1000 PTO, CD player, field cruise control, (40) front weights, (30) rear weights, Firestone 620/70R42 tires w/duals,  1,312 hrs., 0 hrs. on New batteries & starter, manual in cab SN305171


John Deere, 7930, MFWD, CAH, buddy seat, cloth interior, PowrQuad, 20 spd.,  left hand reverser, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 540/1000 PTO, auto steer ready, diff lock, extra cab lights, HID lights, beacon light kit, toolbox, (16) front weights, front fenders, (4) wheel weights, Firestone 420/90R30 front tires, Firestone 480/80R46 tires w/10-bolt duals, 3,483 hrs.


2009, Agco Gleaner, A76, combine, buddy seat, cloth interior, PRWD, Y&M, lateral tilt, rock trap, chopper, hopper top, Lincoln auto lube, CD player, HID lights, single pt. hookup, 73×44.00-32 front tires, Firestone 23.1-26 rear tires, 1,896 eng. hrs., 1,806 sep. hrs., 0 hrs. on New batteries            SNHUC7281


2011, Agco, Dyna Flex 9250, draper head, 30′, fore/aft, single pt. hookup, Agco mounts, includes new sickles (in tube) & extra parts, includes 1 New belt SNAGCR92500BHD01384

2012, Geringhoff, RD800B Roto Disc, chopping corn head, 8×30, header height, single pt. hookup, red poly snouts, includes Case-IH mounting plates, currently has Agco mounting plates SN110120149830B


2009, John Deere, 1770NT, CCS planter, 16×30, hyd. variable rate, pneumatic down pressure, liquid fertilizer, 500 gal. tank, ground drive pump, Redball monitors, row cleaners,  markers,  used 2600 display (Not included) SNA01770P733221


2014, John Deere, 2720, disc ripper, 22-1/2′, 30 spacing, 9-shank, rolling baskets, shank guards, 2 pivoting gage wheels, new points, SN1A62720XEEO755282

Kent, Series V, field cultivator, 57.2′, double wing fold, knock-on sweeps, Danish tine edge-on shanks, rear hyd. & hitch, walking tandems on main frame & wings, 2 gage wheels        

Wil-Rich, Quad X, field cultivator, 47-1/2′, 7 knock-on sweeps, double wing fold, edge-on shanks, full floating hitch, rear hitch, 4-bar spike tooth harrow  

Flexi-Coil Systems, 82, coil tine harrow, 12-section, down pressure springs, SN61260

J&M, 750, grain cart, 1000 PTO, corner auger, light kit, Goodyear 30.5-32 tires, red, SN561


America Industrias, 836R, header trailer, 6-wheel, rear light kit, front fenders, 235/80R16 tires on 8-bolt wheels, yellow 


2007, Hardi, Commander 6600, pull-type sprayer, 120′ boom,  triple nozzle, 6-section shut-off, diaphragm PTO pump, John Deere rate controller, rinse tank, inductor, steerable rear axle, Titan 320/90R50 tires w/duals, includes Hardi controller, used


2600 John Deere display (not included) SN660021

John Deere, 2600, display, SF2, swath control  , SN173308

John Deere, 2600, display, SF2, swath control, 2,341 hrs., SNPCG026H173308

Starfire ITC globe SN336470



For more information contact

Eric Gabrielson at Steffes Group, 320.693.9371 or 701.238.2570

Lot #: 1

2009 Versatile 375

in: Tractors

Lot #: 2

John Deere 7930

in: Tractors

Lot #: 3

John Deere 2600

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 4

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 5

2009 Agco Gleaner A76

in: Combines

Lot #: 6

2012 Geringhoff RD800B Roto Disc

in: Headers

Lot #: 7

America Industrias 836R

in: Trailers

Lot #: 8

2011 Agco Dyna Flex 9250

in: Headers

Lot #: 9

J&M 750

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 10

2009 John Deere 1770NT

in: Seeding Equipment

Lot #: 11

2007 Hardi Commander 6600

in: Applicators

Lot #: 12

2014 John Deere 2720

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 13

Wil-Rich Quad X

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 14

Kent Series V

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 15

Flexi-Coil Systems 82

in: Tillage Equipment

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