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eric strand firearm estate auction

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23 September, 2023 12:00 am

LARGE ESTATE COLLECTION of 100 +/- FIREARMS & AMMOHighlighted by Winchester, Remington, Savage, Sig Sauer, Sako, Ruger, Marlin, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock, Taurus, H&R, Springfield, Mauser, Husqvarna, Several Eric Strand Customs and Others.Highlights include Vintage Colt S.A.A. Revolvers, Colt 1911 SA, Vintage and Custom Winchester 86, 90, 94, etc., Plus many Custom Hunting Rifles Plus – A Very Large Collection of Modern & Vintage Ammo ? both Factory and Strand Custom Reloads, Hunting & Sporting Goods, and Much More!*100?s of Other Items: Reloading Equipment, Knife Collection, Plus Many Gun Stocks and Forearms, Cleaning Rods, Eric was well known as a Top Tier Gunsmith ? this is his Estate Collection coming out of his Portland, North Dakota home and gunsmithing shop.Online/Simulcast Bidding available day of Auction at ? click and register on bid online icon. Please view catalog for Firearms & Select List ? all other items sell onsite only. *FFL Gun Laws and Background Check Rules Apply both Online & Onsite. BP both Online and Onsite.

Lot #: 100

Remington Model 40x 22cal LR Bolt 22in

Heavy Barrel w/Weaver High Power Scope sn0578

Lot #: 101

Ruger Model #1 45-70cal Heavy Barrel ES Custom

w/Leupold Vari-X III 1-5×5 Scope sn130-21620

Lot #: 101a

Vintage Crossman Arms Co. Air Rifle 22 Cal

with steel butt

Lot #: 102

Sak Model L46 222Rem Bolt Heavy Barrel

w/Leupold 3×9 Scope sn21303

Lot #: 102a

Unique Vintage Western Hunting Knife w/Lock

and Removeable blade 9 1/4″

Lot #: 103

Remington Model 700-HB 223Rem Bolt

w/ Leupold Vari-X III 3.5×10 Scope snE6237012

Lot #: 103a

Vintage E.C. Hercules Powder Co. Smokeless

Powder tin w/some powder

Lot #: 104

Ruger Model #1 223Rem 24? bbl ES Custom

w/ Leupold Vari-X III 3.5×10 Scope sn130-41310

Lot #: 104a

Vintage (40) 30 Cal Auto Cartridges Model

1918 the Remington Farms (full box)

in: 31

Lot #: 105

Marlin Model 80 22cal LR Bolt w/peep site

No sn visible

Lot #: 105a

Vintage Rochester Precision Air Rifle w/steel

Butt Plate

Lot #: 106

ATI Model Calvary 410ga O/U Vent Rib

26in bbl Stainless Reciever w/?Grouse? sn14110287

Lot #: 106a

Vintage WW Knife J.A. Henckels Soligen

Zwillingswork 9 1/2″ Germany

Lot #: 107

Remington Model 1100 SA 12ga Full Choke

25in bbl 2 3/4in Vent Rib snL811983V

Lot #: 107a

(2) Vintage Belding & Mull, Philipsburg, PA Brass

and CAst Powder Visible measures- considered by most as one of the “most accurate” smokeless powder measures. Complete w/ drop tubes (each) 2 times the money

Lot #: 108

Ruger Model #1 405Win 23in bbl w/Leupold

1×4 Scope sn132-25351

Lot #: 108a

(50 Count) .32 Cal Colt Auto Vintage Ammo

Smokeless- looks to be close to full

Lot #: 109

Winchester Model 86 45-90 WCF Lever Action

25in Octagon w/case hardened receiver sn59077

Lot #: 109a

Pump up type .177 Cal Pellet Gun

Lot #: 110

ATI Model SPA-17 17HMR w/Swift

4-12×40 Scope SA snE00838

Lot #: 110a

(2) Buck Hunting 8 1/2″ Knife & Buck 8 1/2″

folding hunter- 2 times the money

Lot #: 111

Husqvarna Twin Hammer 12ga Side by Side

w/case hardened receiver sn169258G

Lot #: 111a

Sealed Vintage Box (25 count) .28 Cal 120 Grain

Ground Bullets for Stevens Rifles Union Metallic Cartridge Co.

Lot #: 112

CZ Model 527 22Hornet SA 2 Clips w/ Leupold

Vari-X III 3.5×10 Scope snC993741

Lot #: 112a

Remington Folding Shot Gun Commem. Knife

of 11-87 Auto & 870 Pump 9″ w/orig. box and paperwork

Lot #: 113

Marlin Model 17 17HMR SA 4 Clips

w/Simmons Pro Hunter 3-9×40 Scope sn98664023

Lot #: 113a

Version of the 1938 Red Ryder Carbine Lever

Action BB Gun

Lot #: 114

Remington Model 722 250-3000cal Bolt w/ Leupold

Vari-X II 3-9×40 Scope sn88083

Lot #: 114a

Vintage Case Hunting Knife w/Leather Washer

stacked handle 9″

Lot #: 115

Remington Model 700 204 Ruger cal Bolt 19 1/2in

bbl w/ Leupold Vari-X III 6.5×20 Scope sn288032

Lot #: 115a

Bresser Bench STyle Spotting Scope

15x30x45 w/tripod

Lot #: 116

Ruger Model 10-22 22cal LR SA w/3×9

Scope sn111-36181

Lot #: 116a

Vintage Peters High Velocity (25 count)

28ga 2 7/8″ paper shells w/orig. box

Lot #: 117

Winchester Model 67 22cal LR Bolt

no sn available

Lot #: 117a

Crossman Air Guns .177 Cal (4.5mm)

Pellet Gun w/synthetic stock

Lot #: 118

FAM Belgium/Mauser Model FN 270Win Bolt

w/Leupold 2.5×8 Scope sn4634

Lot #: 118a

Vintage Lyman Straightline Crimper w/orig. box

Lot #: 119

Winchester Model 69A 22cal LR w/Leupold

2-7×33 Scope no sn available ? several clips

Lot #: 119a

Brusletto Knife MAde in Norway 7 1/2″

Lot #: 120

Winchester Model 12 16ga 2 3/4in Pump

27in bbl sn1881538

Lot #: 120a

(3) Vintage Tubes Gun Grease- Winchester,

Remington & Hoppe’s w/orig. boxes

Lot #: 121

Bersa Thunder 22cal LR SA 2 Clips snG79264

Lot #: 121a

(50 Count) Vintage 38cal Short Rim Fire

Cartridges w/orig. box Union Mettalic Cartridge Co.

Lot #: 122

Sig Sauer Mosquito 22cal LR SA 2 Clips snF236173

Lot #: 122a

Vintage Crossman Arms Company Air rifle

w/peep site

Lot #: 123

Ruger Model MK II 22cal LR SA w/Leupold Scope


Lot #: 123a

Vintage USM4 Imperial Marine Knife Bayonett

w/sheath 11 1/2″

Lot #: 124

Caspian Model 1911 (ES Custom) 45ACP

SA sn12327

Lot #: 124a

(2) Winchester Gun Oil Can and Bottle

w/orig. box both w/oil

Lot #: 125

Smith & Wesson Pre-Model 10 38spl Revolver


Lot #: 125a

(2) (25 count) Vintage 38cal 255gr Patched Bullets

for Ballard and Bullard Rifles & 25 Count 38cal 255gr Winchester ground bullets- one is completely sealed/winchester has mostly full

Lot #: 126

Taurus Model 82 38cal Special Revolver


Lot #: 126a

Vintage Eley 3″ Extra Long 410ga Shells-

smokeless full completely sealed box.

Lot #: 127

Smith & Wesson Model 15-2 38spl Revolver

w/walnut grips snk645098

Lot #: 127a

Vintage S.A.R. .177cal Pellet Gun

Lot #: 128

Navy Arms Co 218 Bee Single w/case hardened

receiver sn5829

Lot #: 128a

Vintage U.F.H. US Bayonet 14 1/2″ w/orig. sheath

made by Union Fork & Hoe Co. WWII mainly for M1 Grand Rifles

Lot #: 129

Caspian Model 1911 (ES Custom) 45ACP SA sn29067

Lot #: 129a

3 Boxes Vintage Remington 40-45 Straight Shell

Cartridges w/box 1/2 full 32-40 smokeless Rem. Cartridges 3/4 full, and US Cartridge Co 32-40 cal, smokeless 1/2 full and extra brass all w/orig. box

Lot #: 130

Smith & Wesson Model 10-7 38spl Revolver

Snub Nose sn6D22841

Lot #: 130a

Vintage M1 Carbine Non Firing Training and/or

Parade Rifle- nice condition- NON FIRING

Lot #: 131

Springfield Armory Model SA-35 9mm SA snHP4712

Lot #: 131a

Remington Arms Co II 11 3/4″ Bayonett w/hooked

Quillon- believed 1899 to fit Remington Rolling Blocks- very nice

Lot #: 132

Taylor 38-40 Win S.A.A. Clone Revolver

w/case hardened receiver snVR2210

Lot #: 132a

3 boxes of Vintage .35 Winchester Soft Point

Cartridges w/orig. boxes- 2 full, one 3/4″ full. 3 times the money

Lot #: 133

JP Sauer Model 1913 6.35cal SA sn31619

Lot #: 133a

Kershaw 7 3/4″ Amphibian Knife w/sheath and

Gerber Chisel w/sheath

Lot #: 134

Smith & Wesson Model 44spl Revolver Hand

Ejector sn21796 (83389) ??

Lot #: 134a

Youth Model Toy Trainer Rifle, Parris MFG Co.-nice

Lot #: 135

Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army S.A.A. 45Colt R

Stainless Receiver Second Gen w/bone type grips sn24273SA

Lot #: 135a

Unique Vintage Coibel Mauser C96 Broom Handle

style Toy Cap Gun- made in spain 8″ nickle finish

Lot #: 136

Glock Model 22 40S&W SA Gen 2 smCAM262US

Lot #: 136a

Vintage 11MM Mann Licher Smokeless

cartridges (20 count) w/orig box (full)

Lot #: 137

Colt Woodsman Match Target 22cal LR SA sn103519

Lot #: 137a

Gerber 8 3/4″ Double Blade Knife and Sksspk

Surgical Stainless 4 1/4″ Knuckle Knife w/leather harness and sheath and holster

Lot #: 138

Ruger Single Six 22cal LR Revolver sn530288

Lot #: 138a

Vintage 30cal 150gr Springfield Bullet

unsealed box by Remington

Lot #: 139

H&R Handy Gun 45Colt Single no sn available

Lot #: 139a

Browning Vintage 28ga 2 3/4″ Shotgun Shells

25 count w/orig box

Lot #: 140

Smith & Wesson Model 10-7 38spl Revolver sn76095

Lot #: 140a

Boxer Vintage 7 3/4″ Bone Handled Folding

Knife Solingen Germany Inox- nice w/flip open lever

Lot #: 141

Colt Police Heavy Barrel 38spl Revolver sn573459

Lot #: 141a

M1 Garand Style Non-Fire Training

PArade/Toy Rifle- NON FIRING

Lot #: 142

Smith & Wesson Model 2 38cal S&W Short Revolver


Lot #: 142a

3 Boxes Vintage 25 Short Stevens Smokeless

and 25 Auto Colt Smokeless by Remington Arms w/orig boxes (1) full and (1) 3/4 full and (1) 1/2 Full box

Lot #: 143

Navy Arms Replica Black Powder Revolver 32cal?


Lot #: 143a

Vintage united States NAvy (USN) 9 3/4″

Leather Washer Stacked handle knife w/U.S.N. orig sheath

Lot #: 144

Gullita Blak Powder 44cal Revolver Italy snP88079

Lot #: 144a

M1 Garand Style Parade Gun


Lot #: 145

Navy Arms Replica Black Powder 44cal Revolver


Lot #: 145a

Vintage Winchester Gun Oil Tin and Youngs

Oil and cleaner Tin- both w/oil

Lot #: 146

Smith & Wesson Model 40 38spl Revolver Snub Nose

w/box sn7824

Lot #: 146a

Vintage Winchester Western 28ga 2 3/4″ Shotgun

shells w/orig box (full)

Lot #: 147

Sako Model L579 243Win Bolt w/ Leupold Vari-X

III 6.5×20 Scope sn78055

Lot #: 147a

4 Boxes Vintage .256 Newton Cartridges w/orig.

boxes- 1-full/ 2-1/2 full & 1-brass only

Lot #: 148

Remington Hepburn Custom (Atchinson & Marquart)

219 Zipper Cal Monte Carlo HG Stock w/Leuplod 2.5×8 Scope nsa

Lot #: 148a

Vintage Bone Type Handled Camping Knife

w/orig. sheath

Lot #: 149

Mauser Model 1891 45ACP Bolt w/Herters

4×33 Scope snP8525

Lot #: 149a

Frost Cutlery 6″ Index Cat Skinner w/bone

handle and leather sheath

Lot #: 150

Meridian Firearms 12ga Single (some stock repair)


Lot #: 150a

Bolt ACtion Carbine Style Training/PArade Rifle


Lot #: 151

Remington Hepburn Custom 32-20Win ? Octagon/1/2

Round w/tip-up peep site no sn visible

Lot #: 151a

Vintage Bone Handled Austrian Knife 10″

A.W. Wadsworth and son w.sheath

Lot #: 152

Remington Model 700 ES Custom 375 H&H Bolt Stainle

Barrel w/Burris 1.5×5 Scope snRR89496K

Lot #: 152a

3 Vintage Boxes of Ammo- Franford Arsenal

(12) 45cal Revolver Ball Cartridges (20) 45cal Model 1909 for Colts Double Action Revolver smokeless- and (20) 45cal Pistol ball cartridges for model 1911 – all w/orig. boxes- 3 times money

Lot #: 153

Ruger Model 10-22 22cal LR w/Tasco Pro Point Scope

sn 124-56336

Lot #: 153a

U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Knife Handle- no blade

Lot #: 154

Crossman Arms 22cal Air Rifle sn67505731

Lot #: 154a

2 Vintage Boxes 20 count- .276 Cal Ball

Cartridges Frankford Arsenal 1929 w/orig boxes- still sealed

Lot #: 155

JC Higgins Model 51-L 30-06cal Swedish Mauser

Action w/Leupold Scope sn8428

Lot #: 155a

Rizzuto Esti Leto Miland Folding Button Release

Knife 7 3/4″

Lot #: 156

Winchester Model 1886 45-70 Lever Action Single

w/tip-up site & high-grade stock sn109468

Lot #: 156a

Vintage Case Bone Type handled Knife 7″


Lot #: 157

Winchester Model 1886 40-60 Maynard Lever Action

Single w/tip-up Lyman site, case hardened receiver & high-grade Monte Carlo stock sn10001

Lot #: 157a

Vintage Box 44 Rem Mag 240gr Cartridges

20ct full-w/orig box

Lot #: 158

US Springfield Armory 1898 30-40 Krag Bolt


Lot #: 158a

Vintage Box Peters High Velocity, 222 Rem Mag

20 count Cartridge w/orig box (full)

Lot #: 159

US Springfield Armory 1898 30-40 Krag Bolt


Lot #: 159a

Vintage Dominion 25-20 Winchester SP 86gr CF

Cartridges 20count w/orig box

Lot #: 160

Remington Rolling Block 50-70 Single w/tip-up

site & Monte Carlo stock ? As Like New/no sn visible

Lot #: 160a

Gerber Mark I Double Eagle 9″ Knife


Lot #: 161

US Springfield Armory 1898 30-40 Krag Bolt Custom

w/walnut Monte Carlo Style stock sn378731

Lot #: 161a

Vintage Dominion 22 Hornet Soft Point 45gr

CF Cartridges 20 count w/orig box

Lot #: 162

Winchester Model 52 Target 22cal LR Heavy Barrel

w/Weaver high power scope sn 22414

Lot #: 162a

Vintage 40-60-210 Smokeless CF Cartridges

20 count w/orig box- 210 grain

Lot #: 163

BSA Commonwealth of Australia 257 Roberts

w/Bushnell Sportview Scope & Monte Carlo Stock sn51892/17472

Lot #: 163a

Gerber Bone HAndle 8″ Folding Hunter

Knife w/sheath

Lot #: 164

Marlin Ballard Style 25-20 WCF Single Octagon Barr

w/Long Range Peep Site sn8150

Lot #: 164a

3 Vintage Boxes 45cal M 1911 Ammo

Frankford Arsenal Pistol Ball- w/orig boxes 20 count in each- 1 w/shell missing

Lot #: 165

Winchester Low Wall 32 WCF Single Octagon Barrel

w/Lyman Long Range Peep Site sn35465

Lot #: 165a

Taylor 12″ Survival Type Knife- made USA w/sheath

Lot #: 166

Bay State Mass 410ga/12mm Single Barrel


Lot #: 166a

Gerber 6 1/2″ Folding Knife w/brass & custom


Lot #: 167

Remington 30cal Roling Block Single w/high grade

Walnut stock sn21762

Lot #: 167a

4 Vintage Boxes 30cal Match- 173 Grain

Cartridges- 3 are 1962 Lake City ordinance plant and 1 Frnakford Arsenal

Lot #: 168

Webley 45Colt/410ga Eric Strand Custom

sn 9966 (NEED PHOTO)

Lot #: 168a

Gerber Bone Handle 8″ Folding Hunter Knife


Lot #: 169

Harpers Ferry Armory Type Black Powder 40cal

Muzzle-loading Rifle w/brass patch compartment

Lot #: 169a

3 Vintage Boxes 30cal MAtch 20 count

173 gr- 2 are Lake City Ordiance Plant nd 1 1940 by Frankford Arsenal- 2 bullets missing in one box

Lot #: 170

Remington model 4 32cal Short or LR Rimfire Single

Octagon Barrel sn323881

Lot #: 170a

Vintage FW Holler German OFfices Dagger 14 1/2″

w/metal sheath

Lot #: 171

C.S. Shattuck American Side-snap 12ga no sn


Lot #: 172

US Springfield Model 1873 45-70 Breech Load


Lot #: 173

Winchester High Wall 32-40 Single Octagon w/long

range tip-up site no visible sn

Lot #: 174

BSA Commonwealth of Australia 25-35Win 1906

Training Rifle sn54757/78747

Lot #: 175

Remington Model 721 300 H&H Heavy Barrel

/Leupold Vari X II 3×9 Scope sn444321

Lot #: 176

Ruger Model 10-22 22cal LR Mannlicher Stock

w/Leupold Vari X III 2×7 Scope sn113-28829

Lot #: 177

Winchester Model 70 264 Win Magnum Bolt

w/Leupold Vari X III 3-9×40 (pre-64) sn533940

Lot #: 178

Remington Model 721 35 Whelen (ES Custom)

Stainless Barrel w/Leupold Vari X II 2×7 Scope sn89603

Lot #: 179

Ruger Model 77 220 Swift (ES Custom) Stainless

Heavy Barrel Bolt w/Leupold Vari X III 6.5×20 Scope sn70-82435

Lot #: 180

Husqvarna 96 Mauser 7×57 Bolt w/Leupold

2-7×33 sn201992

Lot #: 181

JC Higgins Model 583.23 12ga Bolt w/mounted green

light snno sn visible

Lot #: 182

Winchester Model 70 22?250cal Heavy Barrel

w/Leupold Vari X III 6.5×20 sn31417

Lot #: 183

Winchester Model 62 22cal LR Pump

w/tip-up site sn44623A

Lot #: 184

Winchester Model 94 32Win W.S. Lever Action

Saddle Ring Carbine sn1032457

Lot #: 185

Winchester Model 90 22cal LR Pump sn844151

Lot #: 186

Winchester Model 90 22cal W.R.F. LR Pump sn434874

Lot #: 187

Ruger Model #1 22 Hornet w/Leupold Vari X III

6.5×20 Scope sn132?56862

Lot #: 188

Remington Model 1889 12ga Double Barrel SxS


Lot #: 189

Stevens 32 S&W L Single sn317

Lot #: 190

Springfield Model 15 22cal LR Bolt no visible sn

Lot #: 191

Springfield 1903 (ES Custom) 25-06cal Bolt

w/Leupold Vari X II 2×7 Scope sn4133949

Lot #: 192

Remington Model 511 22cal S/L/LR SA

w/Bushnell Scope no visible sn

Lot #: 193

Winchester Model 70 (ES Custom) 220 Swift Stainles

Fluted Barrel Scope Rings sn211464

Lot #: 194

Remington Model 31 12ga Pump 2 3/4in sn94536

Lot #: 195

Trap Master Co2 Compressed Air 12ga Shotgun


Lot #: 196

Hawthorne M1 22cal Co2 Rifle no visible sn

Lot #: 197

Marlin Glenfield Model 778 12ga 3in Pump


Lot #: 198

Leupold VH-6XD 3-18×50 Scope w/box

Lot #: 199

Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army S.A.A. 45Colt

Revolver First Gen Early Years Production sn92086

Lot #: 200

Springfield Model 67F 12ga Pump 3in no visible sn

Lot #: 201

Enfield 1917 Receiver (receiver only) sn258503

Lot #: 202

BSA Martini Commonwealth of Australia 218 Bee

Custom w/Simmons Pro Hunter 6-18×40 Scope sn6837

Lot #: 203

Remington Model 700 Action (action only)


Lot #: 204

Winchester Model 70 XTR FeatherLight 30-06cal

Bolt McMillian Poly Stock w/4-16×44 Vortex Viper Scope snG1795095

Lot #: 205

HJS Industries Brownsville, Tx Stainless 22cal

4 Shot Pepperbox sn1484

Lot #: 206

Remington/Wilson Combat Model 870 Police

Magnum 12ga snC933740M

Lot #: 207

Colt Model 1911 45ACP SA Mfg 1918 WWI sn338399

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