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herring farm retirement auction

Steffes Group Inc.

4 December, 2020 1:00 pm

Track & 4WD Tractor, Combine, Flex & Corn Head, Head Trailers, Planter, Seed Tender, Field Cultivator, Trailers, Grain Cart, Rotary Cutter, Technology and More! For more information contact Terry Hoenig at Steffes Group, 319.385.2000 or 319.470.7120



Equipment located at 748 175th Street, Mechanicsville, IA 52306


Bidding Opens:Friday, December 4 

Bidding Closes: Friday, December 11, 2020 at 1PM


Auctioneer’s Note:  Michael & Brenda are retiring and will offer their equipment on this Steffes Group Timed Online Auction. Feel free to give Michael a call regarding their equipment or to schedule a time to preview. Please note hours are pre-harvest hours.  Loadout will be by appointment, please call Michael to schedule. Items need to be removed within 7 days of the auction. 



2001 John Deere 8210T, 4,541 hrs., powershift, 16 speed, deluxe cab, instructional seat, 4 hyd. w/return flow, 3 pt. w/quick hitch, Lg. 1000 PTO, 42.5 gpm hyd. pump, guidance ready, ground speed radar, less receiver, less display, (20) front weights, 16” tracks, S/N RW8210T902287 (new head liner in 2019)



2006 John Deere 9420, 3,626 hrs., 4WD, powershift, 18 speed, instructional seat, Lg. 1000 PTO, guidance ready, less receiver, less display, active ride seat, diff. lock, beacon light, (2) 1,375 lb. front wheel weights, (2) 1,375 lb. inner rear wheel weights, (6) 500 lb. outer rear wheel weights, 710/70R42 duals, S/N RW9420P040842



2015 John Deere S660, 744 sep./1,206 eng. hrs., 2WD, Contour-Master, variable speed feeder house, single pt. hookups, rock trap, chopper, spreader, power hopper ext., HD auger flighting, Y&M, Active Yield system in grain tank, guidance ready, less receiver, John Deere 2630 display w/3,641 hrs. on unit (no active subscriptions), beacon light, 520/85R42 front duals, 750/65R26 rears (no fluid in tires), S/N 1H0S660STF0775350 (purchased new)



2013 John Deere 635F, flex head, 35′, hyd. fore/aft, single pt. hookups, full fingered, stubble lights, rock dam, S/N 1H00635FAD0756157



2004 John Deere 1290, corn head, 12×20″, single pt. hookups, hyd. deck plates, knife rolls, head height sensors, RowSense, S/N H01290X705755

Kelderman down corn real, set up for 12×20”, adjustable, hyd. drive motor, sells w/brackets and chain



2012 Unverferth AWS-36, head trailer, 36′, all-wheel steer, lights, 225/75D15 tires, S/N A57270387

Golden Bell HTS-4, head trailer, 25′, added tie-downs, S/N 730



2004 John Deere 1790 CCS, planter, 24×20″, 2 pt., front fold, hyd. drive, variable speed, vacuum, spring down pressure units, pneumatic down pressure Precision Clean Sweep row cleaners, rubber closing wheels, SmartBox insecticide on all (24) rows, half section disconnect, bi-fold markers, sells w/control box, SmartBox control box, Precision control box, (24) 13 wave NT coulters, ProMAX 40 corn and bean plates and spare set of corn and bean plates, S/N H01790D705139 (new transport tires, no display monitor)



Friesen 240 Seed Express, seed tender, Honda GX160 5.5 hp., gas, dual compartment, sight glass, belt conveyor w/wired remote control, pull-start, mounted on tandem axle trailer, bumper hitch, 235/80R16 tires (ag use only, no registration)



2013 John Deere 2210, field cultivator, 55‘ 6″, pull-type, double fold (new) 7” knockoff sweeps on 7” centers, 2-bar spring tine harrow, rolling basket levelers, floating tongue, walking tandems across, S/N 1N02210XKD0755374



2004 Timpte, hopper bottom, 66″x40′, ag hoppers, Thunder power tarp (new), sells w/handheld remote, front and rear ladders, air ride, 65,000 lb. GVWR, 455/55R22.5 super singles w/air supply, alum. wheels, VIN H400224B104427



2008 J&M 1050 Grain Storm, grain cart, 22” unload auger, hyd. spout, work light, Scale Tech scales (new in 2019), roll tarp, Lg. 1000 PTO, rear lights, 35.5-32 diamond tread tires, S/N 2028



2011 Thunder Creek, fuel trailer, 500 gal., 12V pump, hose and nozzle, tandem axle trailer, ball hitch, brake-away brake, 7,000 lb. GVWR, 235/80R16 tires on alum. wheels, VIN 1L9BU1226BP414390



John Deere 1518, rotary cutter, 15′, 1000 PTO, wing fold, pull-type, stump jumpers, front rubber guard, laminated tires, S/N W01518F013235



John Deere 2600, 1,542 hrs., display (no active subscriptions)

John Deere StarFire 3000, receiver


Michael Herring and Brenda Emick-Herring


For more information contact 
Terry Hoenig
at Steffes Group, 319.385.2000 or 319.470.7120

Lot #: 1

2001 John Deere 8210T

in: Tractors

Lot #: 2

2006 John Deere 9420

in: Tractors

Lot #: 3

2015 John Deere S660

in: Combines

Lot #: 4

2004 John Deere 1290

in: Headers

Lot #: 5


in: Other Equipment

Lot #: 6

2013 John Deere 635F

in: Headers

Lot #: 7

2012 Unverferth AWS-36

in: Trailers

Lot #: 8

Golden Bell HTS-4

in: Trailers

Lot #: 9

2004 John Deere 1790 CCS

in: Seeding Equipment

Lot #: 10

Friesen 240 Seed Express

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 11

2013 John Deere 2210

in: Tillage Equipment

Lot #: 12

2008 J&M 1050 Grain Storm

in: Grain Handling Equipment

Lot #: 13

2004 Timpte

in: Trailers

Lot #: 14

2011 Thunder Creek

in: Trailers

Lot #: 15

John Deere 2600

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 16

John Deere Starfire

in: GPS & Navigation Equipment

Lot #: 17

John Deere 1518

in: Tillage Equipment

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