Howe Farm & Ranch Retirement Auction – Hettinger, ND
Thursday, April 13, 2023 – 10:00 a.m. (MT)
Auction Location: 505 2nd Ave. SW; Hettinger, ND

Lot #: 1001

2013 Case IH WD2303 Swather

SN: YCG665532, 19 ft. Rotary Head (MN: RD193-YCG622369), Dual Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Auto Steer,  225 hp, 1330 Hours

Lot #: 1002

2012 Bobcat S650 Skid Steer

SN: A3NV18649, Standard Foot Controls, 74 hp, Cab Heat and Air,  Bob Tach, Radio, 1755 Hours

Lot #: 1003

Highline CFR650 Bale Processor

SN: CFR6508153, Hydraulic Deflector, New Floor

Lot #: 1004

John Deere 560M Round Baler

SN: 1E0560MDJLL466313, 1000 PTO, Variable Core, Net Wrap and Twine, Hydraulic Pickup Lift, Bale Kicker, 5993 Bales

Lot #: 1005

Vermeer VR1428 Rake

SN: SNNRA302H301002019, 14-Wheel Rake, 28 ft. Working Width, Hydraulic Suspension, Hydraulic Fold, Hydraulic Width Adjust

Lot #: 1006

Knight Feed Wagon

SN: 0308, MN: 3042, Reel Augie, 540 PTO, Wireless Scale

Lot #: 1007

New Concept 4210 Roller Mill

SN: 4210677, Large Capacity 42 in. Rollers, 10 in x 14 in. Discharge Auger

Lot #: 1008

Westfield J208-36 Grain Auger

GX630 Honda Engine

Lot #: 1009

Westfield Drill Fill Auger

Lot #: 1010

Westfield Drill Fill Auger

Lot #: 1011

1979 John Deere 4840 Tractor

SN: 4840006359R, 180 hp, 8-Speed Powershift Transmission, New Engine, 3 Point, 3 Hydraulics, Pioneer, Duals, 14,496 Hours

in: 31

Lot #: 1012

Fair Snowblower

9 ft., Large 1000 PTO, Twin Chute, 3 Point

Lot #: 1013

2016 Delta Trailer

VIN: 4MWGF3223GN040138, 101 in. Wide, 32 ft., Flatbed, Tandem Dual, Super Ramp

Lot #: 1014

1983 Raven Hay Trailer

45 ft., 5 ft. Extension for Hay, Spring Ride Suspension

in: 31

Lot #: 1015

1991 Wilson Stock Trailer

VIN: BEAJC0NH514342, 7 ft. x 24 ft., 2 Compartment, 16000 GVWR  

Lot #: 1016

2011 Featherlight Stock Trailer

VIN: 4FGB2323CC121920, 7.5 ft. x 32 ft., 3 Compartment

Lot #: 1017

2003 Peterbilt Semi

VIN: 1XP5DB9X53D593632, C15 Cat Engine, Air Ride Suspension, Differential Lock, Sleeper, 13-Speed Transmission

Lot #: 1018

2007 GMC Service Pickup

VIN: 1GTHK29607E602040, Diesel Engine, 7 ft. Flatbed with 5th Wheel Hitch, 4WD, Extended Cab, Grille Guard, Automatic Transmission, Hail Damage and Bent Fender

Lot #: 1019

1983 GMC Pickup

VIN: 1GTCK24M2DF703491, 2500 HD, 4WD, Fire Fighter Pickup, 350 Gallon Tank, 85,572 Miles

Lot #: 1020

Silencer Livestock Chute

SN: SRE11035, Hydraulic, 11 ft. Long, Power Unit Included

in: 31

Lot #: 1021

Erskine Rock Bucket

SN: 1085972, 7.5 ft., 2.5 in. Spacing, Skid Steer Attach

Lot #: 1022

Dymax Bunk Cleaning Brush

MN: 590, Skid Steer Attach, 32 in. Head, New Brushes Included

Lot #: 1023

Wire Roller

Skid Steer Attach, Hydraulic Drive

Lot #: 1024

Post Hole Digger

Skid Steer Attach, 2 Augers Included

Lot #: 1025

Pipe Crimper

Skid Steer Attach, Crimps 2 7/8 Well Pipe

Lot #: 1026

Bale Spear

Skid Steer Attach, 42 in., Homemade

Lot #: 1027

Fuel Tank

2000 Gallon, Pump Included

Lot #: 1028

Calf Shelter Panels

Quantity of 13 Available

Lot #: 1029

Hanging Windbreak Panels

Quantity of 46 Available. 24 ft. Pipe Windbreak with Supersteel on Angle Frame

Lot #: 1030

Freestanding Panels with Gates

Quantity of 27 Available, 24 ft. with 10 ft. and 12 ft. Gates

Lot #: 1031

Calving Pen

Lot #: 1032

Calving Pen

Lot #: 1033

Calving Pen

Lot #: 1034

Feed Bunk

Steel, 20 ft.

Lot #: 1035

Feed Bunk

Steel, 20 ft.

Lot #: 1036

Feed Bunk

Steel, 20 ft.

Lot #: 1037

Feed Bunk

Steel, 20 ft.

Lot #: 1038

Feed Bunk

Steel, 20 ft.

Lot #: 1039

Feed Bunk

Steel, 20 ft.

Lot #: 1040

Feed Bunk

Homemade, 13 ft., Bottomless

Lot #: 1041

Feed Bunk

Homemade, 13 ft., Bottomless

Lot #: 1042

Feed Bunk

Homemade, 13 ft., Bottomless

Lot #: 1043

Feed Bunk

Homemade, 13 ft., Bottomless

Lot #: 1044

Feed Bunk

Homemade, 13 ft., Bottomless

Lot #: 1045

Feed Bunk


Lot #: 1046

Feed Bunk


Lot #: 1047

Feed Bunk


Lot #: 1048


Quantity of 38 Available – Homemade, 8 ft.

Lot #: 1049


Quantity of 14 Available, Homemade, 10 ft.

Lot #: 1050


Quantity of 6 Available – Homemade, 12 ft.

Lot #: 1051


Quantity of 40 Available – 10 ft.

Lot #: 1052


Quantity of 19 Available – 12 ft.

Lot #: 1053

Round Bale Feeder

Lot #: 1054

Round Bale Feeder

Lot #: 1055

Round Bale Feeder

Lot #: 1056

Livestock Back Scratcher

in: 31

Lot #: 1057

Livestock Back Scratcher

in: 31

Lot #: 1058

Calf Sled

Lot #: 1059

Calf Sled

Lot #: 1060

Branding Irons

Freeze Brand, Alphabet and Numbers

Lot #: 1061

AI Supplies

Lot #: 1062


85 KW Standby

Lot #: 1063

Portable Generator

Lot #: 1064

Liquid Feed and Mineral

220 Volt Electric Pump

Lot #: 1065

Oil Pump with Meter

50 ft. of Hose Included

Lot #: 1066

Propane Tank

100 lb.

Lot #: 1067

Propane Tank

100 lb.

Lot #: 1068

Service Tank

200 Gallon, Pump Included

Lot #: 1069

Cherry Picker Hoist on Wheels

Lot #: 1070

Semi Dolly

Pintle Hitch

Lot #: 1071

Pintle Hitch

3 Point, Hydraulic Latch

Lot #: 1072

Camso Co. UTV Tracks

John Deere Gator Mounts and Kubota Mounts Included, UTV Transfer Kit, 

Lot #: 1073


Chrysler Slant 6 Engine for Hesston 6450 Swather

Lot #: 1074

John Deere Engine

on Stand

Lot #: 1075

John Deere Angle Blade

12 ft., Manual, Row Crop Mounts

Lot #: 1076

1992 John Deere 4960 Tractor

SN: RW4960P002843, FWD, 18-Speed Power Shift Transmission, 3 Hydraulics, 3 Point with Quick Hitch, 420/90R30 Front Tires, 420/90R46 Rear Tires, Duals and Fenders Included, 11,828 Hours

in: 31

Lot #: 1077

2014 McCormick MTX135 Tractor

SN: 5W3CS09157, FWD, 3 Point, 3 Hydraulics, Power Shift Transmission, Buddy Seat, Lefthand Reverser, 18.4-R38 Michelin Tires, Rear Weights, 1720 Hours

in: 31

Lot #: 1078

Vermeer 605M Baler

SN: 1VR316142D1007482, Super M, DCF Pickup, 1000 PTO, Net Wrap, 13,541 Bales

Lot #: 1080

Bobcat Snow Bucket

SN: 7184098, 88 in., Skid Steer Attachment

Lot #: 1081

Service Skid

For Flatbed, 200 Gallon Fuel Tank with Electric Pump, Toolbox, John Deere Compresserator

Lot #: 1082

Lifting Jib

Homemade, Skid Steer Attachment

Lot #: 1083

Tru Test Scale

2-Bar, Model 702 Monitor

Lot #: 1084

2015 All Flex RS420 Tag Manager

SN: RS420-V24, EID Tag Manager

Lot #: 1085

AC Delco Press

20 Ton, Hydraulic

Lot #: 1086

Thermal Arch Welder

SN: E02720A191707C, Predator Power-Plus, TA, 10/270H, Electric Start, AC/DC – CC/CV Welding Generator, 460 Volt, AC 3 Phase, Leads Included, 664 Hours

Lot #: 1087

Miller Welder

Thunderbolt XL, 300/200 Amp, CC-AC/DC

Lot #: 1088

Welding Supplies

Assortment of Welding Supplies

Lot #: 1089

Delta Drill Press

SN: W9904, MN: IF990, 12 in.

Lot #: 1090

Intersol Rand 2545 Air Compressor

SN: 8050640, 120 Gallon Tank, Electric Start, Yanmar Diesel Engine

Lot #: 1091

Winco Generator

SN: 61211-036, MN: 50PT0C-3/A, 50k, 540 PTO, 120/240

Lot #: 1092

Winco Generator

SN: M14K45889, MN: W85FPT0S/B, 1000 PTO, 120/240

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All items are sold “as is”. Buyer(s) are encouraged to inspect all equipment before purchasing. All buyers must register with the clerk prior to bidding. Buyers are responsible for removing purchased items from the property within one week unless special arrangements have been made. Neither Pifer’s nor the sellers are responsible for the purchased items once they are sold. Buyer (s) agree to hold Pifer’s and sellers harmless and are not responsible for accidents. All items must be paid for in full prior to removal from property. All purchases are made in US dollars. All non-U.S. citizens must use a U.S. based bank to clear all funds for full payment. All statements made at the auction take precedence over all printed materials. All absentee bidders are encouraged to leave bids with auction personnel because of volatile cell phone coverage. Contact Pifer’s at 877-700-4099 to register prior to auction.
ALL BIDDERS: All items offered at a Pifer’s Auction are represented as these items are presented to Pifer’s Auctioneers and/or associate agents by the seller. Pifer’s Auctioneers has provided general equipment information to the buyers based upon a limited inspection completed by a Pifer’s Auction agent. Pifer’s has not inspected any aspects or components of the equipment other than those general details provided in the specific item description. Unless expressly stated, Pifer’s makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, concerning the functionality; overall general condition of body, engine, or transmission; year, make, &/or model; overall dimensions; or any defects found within any item offered at a Pifer’s Auction. Buyers are strongly advised to perform a detailed inspection and further due diligence of general information of the equipment prior to bidding.
Pifer’s Auctioneers and/or associate agents have not tested any particular item or piece of equipment under load nor has Pifer’s operated any equipment in all available gears. Pifer’s makes no representations or warranties that equipment is fully functional under manufacturers’ specifications.
Dimensions of equipment or other items sold at a Pifer’s Auction are provided as a general guide to buyers and should be considered estimated dimensions only. Point to point measurements vary depending upon different considerations of the starting point and ending point of the particular measurement (i.e. Wheel Base, Trailer Side Wall Height, Unit Length, etc). All measurement should be verified by the buyer and shall not be relied upon for transportation purposes. It is the buyer’s responsibility to measure all loads prior to leaving the auction site to ensure safe transport of the equipment to its destination.
All photos used to present each item are at the sole discretion of Pifer’s Auctioneers and may not be indicative of the item’s quality and condition, or reveal all components, variable angles, defects, and areas of limited visibility. Buyers are strongly advised to complete a full inspection of the equipment prior to bidding.
ABANDONED PROPERTY: All items must be removed within 10 business days of the final close of that auction. Unless mutually agreed upon with Pifer’s Auctioneers and/or the seller, a $25/day storage fee (not to exceed $1000) will be charged to each item and must be paid in full to Pifer’s Auctioneers (which will be remitted to the owner of the land where the items were stored) prior to buyer taking possession. If items are abandoned after 60 days, Pifer’s Auctioneers reserves the right to re-sell the items or dispose of the items at their sole discretion.
ONLINE/PHONE BIDDERS: A 5% buyer’s premium will apply to all online and over the phone purchases, not to exceed $1000 per successful lot. To ensure bidding accuracy and guarantee your bid is placed, we encourage you to attend the auction in person if you are able. Pifer’s is NOT responsible for connection or computer issues during the live bidding process. All phone bidders are encouraged to leave bids with auction personnel because of volatile cell phone coverage. Contact Pifer’s at 877-700-4099 to register prior to auction.
All absentee bids on file with Pifer’s must comply with the following terms and conditions:
  1. All absentee bids must be submitted by registered bidder.
  2. All bids are executed in competition with the bidders in attendance on an alternate basis as if the bidder were present at the auction and the purchase will be obtained at the lowest bid possible.
  3. All bidders agree to be bound by Pifer’s bidder registration agreement.
  4. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. All items are sold “As-IS, Where-IS”.
  5. Pifer’s does not guarantee the year, condition, description or suitability of any item.
  6. All bidders acknowledge that the absentee bid is accepted on the expressed condition that the bidder will not have any claim against the auctioneer or its employees if the auctioneer fails, for any reason, to bid on behalf of the bidder.
  7. Pifer’s does not guarantee that the bid will be made however will do everything possible on the date of the auction to represent the absentee bidder.
  8. Absentee bid(s) must be received 24 hours in advance of auction.
  9. All absentee bids will have a buyer’s premium of 5% of purchase price, with a maximum of $1000.00 per successful lot.
  10. Minimum acceptable bid on any one item or lot is $1000.
Online Bidders, Phone Bidders, and Absentee Bidders agree to hold Pifer’s harmless in the event that a bid is not placed to secure a winning bid, or if the bidder has technical issues with any portion of the bidding process, the online bidding website, or personal computer issues.

Sales Tax:
All appropriate state sales tax laws will apply to purchases, these laws may vary depending upon the type of item purchased or the specific tax category that the buyer is in.
Timed Online Only Auctions will begin to close at the time specified for each individual auction. These are considered “Soft Staggered Closings” and the auction will close at a rate of 2 items every 2 minutes. Each lot may remain open until no bids are placed within the last 5 minutes. Each bid placed within the last 5 minutes will extend the bidding to 5 minutes. A bid must survive the final 5-minute timer to be declared successful.
Pifer’s Auctioneers reserves the right to alter or change the closing process at its discretion. Once the auction is over and a winning bidder is declared, the buyer assumes all responsibility for that item. Buyer further agrees to hold Pifer’s Auctioneers, and its client, harmless for all items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Neither Pifer’s Auctioneers, nor the owner, will agree to any discount or refund for items once the auction is complete. Buyer also assumes all responsibility for transportation, transportation preparation, or any expenses required to prepare items for shipping. Special load-out requirements, dis-assembly, packaging and insurance is the responsibility of the buyer, unless otherwise expressly stated and represented by Pifer’s Auctioneers.
Buyer acknowledges that online bidding and the technology used to accommodate the bidding process may be unreliable. Online Bidders, Phone Bidders, and Absentee Bidders agree to hold Pifer’s harmless in the event that a bid is not placed to secure a winning bid, or if the bidder has technical issues with any portion of the bidding process, the online bidding website, or personal computer issues. Auctioneer and owner(s) reserve the right to accept or reject any bid(s).
Terms & Conditions:
Once bidder accepts the terms and conditions of this auction, said bidder has entered into a legal and binding contract. Bidder agrees to abide by the rules of this auction and will properly make payment and take possession of the items that were successfully purchased. All items are sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” with no exceptions.
This sale is managed by Pifer’s Auction & Realty, Kevin Pifer, ND #715. Clerking #534. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials.