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jon swanson estate farm auction

Steffes Group Inc.

11 August, 2021 10:00 am

Great line up of equipment including Tractors, Combine, Heads, Planter, Drills, Grain Carts, & more! For more information contact Terry Hoenig of Steffes Group, 319.385.2000 or 319.470.7120


Monroe Center, IL  

Equipment located: 8587 N Kilbuck Road, Monroe Center, IL 61052

Opens: Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Closes: Wednesday, August 18, 2021



2006 John Deere 9620, shows 922 hrs., 4WD, powershift, CAH, 4 hyd., BB, (8) inside wheel weights, block heater, (20) center suitcase weights, instructional seat, component bar, 800/70R38 duals, S/N RWA9620P042923

1993 John Deere 8770, shows 1,836 hrs., 4WD, quad range, CAH, 3 hyd., 3 pt. w/quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 18.4R42 duals, S/N 001197



2010 John Deere 6430 Premium, shows 1,681 hrs., MFWD, partial powershift, premium cab, 3 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, LH reverser, dual doors, block heater, backup alarm, fender 3 pt. control, foot throttle, shuttle shift, (8) front end weights, grill guard, 460/85R38 rears, 420/85R24 fronts, S/N 640369

1998 John Deere 8100, shows 1,996 hrs., MFWD, powershift, CAH, 3 hyd., 3 pt., 1000 PTO, front fenders, (8) front weights, dual inside wheel weights, JD Field Office, 14.9R-34 fronts, 18.4R-46 rears, S/N 021464

John Deere 8300,MFWD, shows 875 hrs., powershift, CAH, 3 pt., 1000 PTO, 3 hyd., rear duals, front weights, front fenders, rear wheel weights



1951 John Deere Model R, shows 2,733 hrs., 2WD, diesel, open station, 1 hyd., 540 PTO, WF, pony motor start, 18.4-34 rears, S/N 7592 (RESTORED)



1999 John Deere 9610 Maximizer, 1,146 sep./1,801 eng. hrs., 2WD, standard cab, GreanStar ready, Y&M, JD brown box, chopper, spreaders, grain tank extension, standard hyd. hookups, 20.8R42 front duals, 16.9-26 rears, S/N H09610X681877



1998 John Deere 925, grain platform, 25′, hyd. fore/aft, stubble lights, poly snouts, 3″ Dura-Lite knives, poly skid shoes, S/N H00925F673360

1998 John Deere 1293, corn head, 12×30″, standard hookups, stubble lights, poly snouts, ear savers, hyd. adjust deck plates, S/N H01293X675815



Harvest Hand, tricycle, 30′, P225/60R16 tires

Unverferth HT-25, 25′, 20.5x8x10 tires



John Deere 1770 Max Emerge Plus,planter, 24×30″, 2 pt., center fold, vacuum, VacuMeter, JD Computer Trak 250 controller, 12-row shutoffs, fluted no-till openers, spring row unit down pressure, rubber closing wheels, insecticide boxes, tri-fold markers, S/N H01770B670111


John Deere 750 Tandem, grain drill, 29′, 7-1/2″ spacing, drawbar, ground-driven, Yetter no-till markers, rubber & steel seed firmers, grass boxes on 1 drill only, Houck Hitch swing hitch, bogey support wheels, S/N N00750X004340

John Deere 450, grain drill, 8″x13′, drawbar, ground-driven, grass seed attachment, hyd. spring tooth harrow, S/N N00450X007604



Patriot 200, 4-box, tandem axle, 8-bolt hubs, remote control on tube, Honda GX-160 gas eng., electric start, 2-5/16″ ball, 235/80R16 tires, S/N 016605



John Deere 2310, mulch finisher, 46’, pull-type, 21″ blades, 10″ sweeps, 6-bar knife harrow, bi-folding, walking tandems on main & wings, spring loaded scrapers, hyd. adjust disc gangs, 340/65R18 tires, S/N 002124

John Deere 512, disk ripper, 22.5′, pull-type, tandems on wings & main, spring loaded scrapers, 8-shank, Flex-Till spring loaded lade rolling baskets, S/N 008697

John Deere 635, disc, 35′, pull-type, hyd. leveler, tandems on wings & main, 21″ blades, 9″ spacing, 11L-15 tires, S/N N00635X001863 (Owners state tires to be fixed prior to selling)

John Deere 400, rotary hoe, 30′, 3 pt., folding wings, trash guard, wing wheels, S/N 048751

Sunflower 7232, crumbler, 32′, pull-type, tandem wheels, 3-section, hyd. wing fold, cushion gangs, 9.5L-15SL tires, S/N 07232F20050020



1999 Kinze 1040, row crop grain cart, 1000 PTO, Shur-Lok tarp, front center unload, unload light, 18.4-38 tandem wheels, S/N 503145

1993 Kinze 1040, row crop grain cart, tarp, front center unload, 18.4-38 tandem wheels, S/N 500479

Brent 1084 Avalanche, grain cart, tarp, tandem offset wheels, inspection windows, front center unload, adj. auger tilt, unload lights, 1000 PTO, 18.4R-42 tires, S/N B19510127



Unverferth 530, gravity flow, LH unload, rear brakes, ext. tongue, 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N 1679176 (Owner states taillight issues)

H&S 408, running gear, 11L-15 tires, 6-bolt hubs, S/N 201845



2007 Holt, tandem axle, 16’+2′ beaver tail, 7,000 GVWR, bumper hitch, wood floor, ramps, ST205/75D15 tires, VIN 4C0FS18297A000194



2004 John Deere 567 MegaWide, round baler, 77″ pickup, 1000 PTO, monitor, shows 2,821 bales, S/N E00567X301425

1982 John Deere 327, small square baler, twine wrap, 540 PTO, hyd. bale chute, 60″ pickup, S/N 550474

John Deere 450, sickle mower, 9′, 540 PTO

John Deere 670, side rake, 9′, ground-driven, S/N 347872

John Deere 300, mower conditioner, 12′, 1000 PTO, pull-type, John Deere 1525 conditioner (S/N 818230), rubber rollers, hyd. pump, S/N 807542

H&S Model BT-814, bale carrier, 8-place, 24′, tricycle style, 14,000 lb. capacity, 11L-15SL tires, S/N 600051

H&S Bale Rack, 16’x9’x92″, Killbros 1072 running gear, steel cage, ext. tongue 11L-15 tires

H&S Bale Rack, steel cage, Knowles running gear, electric moving floor (Owner states never used, working condition unknown), 110V, 8-bolt, 18’x9’x7-1/2′ tall, 12.5L-15 tires

H&S Bale Rack, steel cage, John Deere 720 running gear, 16’x9’x8′ tall, 11L-15 tires, S/N 003748



John Deere 16A, 80″, 540 PTO, pull-type, S/N 633616



Hy Grade Model 1400, dozer blade, 14′, pull-behind, box wings, concrete weights, hyd. tilt, hyd. swivel, BOE, 11.00-16 tires, S/N JM0306-327 (NEVER USED)

Woods RB850, blade, 95″, 3 pt., hyd. tilt & swivel, snow shoe skids, park stand, S/N 3959

Summers 700, rock picker, 60″x76″, pull-type, 58″ pickup, 3-bar pickup, hyd. adjust tongue, 16.5-16 tires (NEVER USED)



Mayrath, truck auger, 8″x56′, 540 PTO



Worksaver JDBS-612, bale spear, 3-prong, 42″, tractor attach, S/N 612110100043

Worksaver JDBS-6722, bale spear, 2-prong, 45″, tractor attach, S/N 612110100043

L.L. Round E-510,bale mover, 52” forks, 3 pt. mount


Seller: Jon Swanson Estate, Jon Swanson, Jr. at 815.978.0337 

For more information contact Terry Hoenig of Steffes Group, 319.385.2000 or 319.470.7120


Terms: All items sold “as is where is”.  Payment can be made via Cash, Check, Check by Fax or Phone (ACH: No Fee), or wire fund transfer (Bank fees apply), also credit cards are excepted (Visa, Mastercard, Discover; 3% fee will apply).  Payment must be made before removal of items. $35 documentation fee applies to all titled vehicles.  Titles will be mailed within 14 business days.  Illinois Sales Tax laws apply.  You will pay sales tax of titled items when you register your title in your home state.  A 10% buyer’s premium, with a $1,000 maximum charge per item will be charged.  All items must be removed within 10 days following the auction.


Terry Hoenig: Illinois Licensed Auctioneer #441.002474, Tim Meyer: Illinois Licensed Auctioneer #441.001748
Illinois RE Managing Broker #471.006809. – 2245 East Bluegrass Road, Mt. Pleasant, IA

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