253.686 Deeded Acres M/L – Sells In 2 Tracts with 82.4 CSR2! Locally known as The Lenz Farm. For information contact Steffes Group at 319.385.2000; Mason Holvoet at 319.470.7372 or Nate Larson at 319.931.3944


Crawfordsville, Iowa
Tract 1 is located ½ mile east of Wyman, IA on G62, then ¾ miles north on W66.
Tract 2 is located 2 ½ miles east of Crawfordsville, IA on 305th St. which turns into 105th St. to 28741 105th Street.  

Auction to be held at the Crawfordsville City Hall, 105 N. Main St., Crawfordsville, Iowa.


Open House on Tuesday, January 25th, from 10-11AM

253.686 Deeded Acres M/L – Sells In 2 Tracts

 82.4 CSR2!

Online Bidding Available!

“Selling Choice with the Privilege”

Tracts 1 & 2 will be sold price per deeded acre and will be selling Choice with the Privilege.  High bidder may take Tract 1 or Tract 2 or Both Tracts, times their high bid.  This will continue until both Tracts are sold.  Tracts will not be recombined.


Locally known as The Lenz Farm



Tract 1 – 153.686 Deeded Acres M/L
FSA information: 132.14 acres tillable of which 13.26 acres are in CRP as follows:
13.26 acres X $300.00 = $3,978.00 and expires on 9-30-2027. 
Corn Suitability Rating 2 is 74.4 on the tillable acres.
Located in Section 20, Elm Grove Township, Louisa County, Iowa.
This tract has a Greiner 50’x72’ shop built in 2008 with an end sliding door and a 10’x12’ overhead door.  The shop also has concrete floors, electricity and a mezzanine storage space.  Also on this tract is a 10,982 bu. dryer bin, 11,144 bu. grain bin, 36’x44’ crib/barn and a 22’x56’ utility building.
Included: 1000 gal. LP tank, Portable shed.
Not included:  Air compressor, All farm machinery, All personal property.

View Tract 1 Soil Map
View Tract 1 FSA aerial
View CRP Contracts
View FSA 156 Form

Tract 2 – 100 Deeded Acres M/L

FSA information: 92.51 acres tillable of which 8.87 acres are in CRP as follows:
8.87 acres X $300.00 = $2,661.00 and expires on 9-30-2027.
Corn Suitability Rating 2 is 82.4 on the tillable acres.
Located in Section 18, Elm Grove Township, Louisa County, Iowa.
This tract has an older two story, 3 bedroom, 750 sq.ft. home built in 1920.  The homestead also has a 16’x20’ detached garage, 48’x58’ barn and a well (condition unknown).
Included: 500 gal. LP tank, Refrigerator, Any item present on the day of closing.
Not included:  All personal property.

View Tract 2 Soil Map
View Tract 2 FSA aerial
View CRP Contracts
View FSA 156 Form

Terms: 10% down payment on February 8, 2022.  Balance due at final settlement with a projected date of March 25, 2022, upon delivery of merchantable abstract and deed and all objections have been met.
Possession: Projected date of March 25, 2022.  Possession of the Shop, Grain Bins & Buildings on Tract 1 will be September 1, 2022
Real Estate Taxes:  To be prorated to date of possession on the basis of the last available tax statement.  Seller shall pay any unpaid real estate taxes payable in prior years. 

The following taxes are approximate and will be used to prorate at closing:

Tract 1 – Tax Parcels – 620177000, 620126000, 620101000, 620152000 – $5,254.00 Net (Rounded)
Tract 2 – Tax Parcels – 618301000, 618326000, 618351000, 618376000 – $4,130.00 Net (Rounded)

Special Provisions:
• Seller reserves possession of the shop, grain bins & buildings on Tract 1 until September 1, 2022.
• Land is selling free and clear for the 2022 farming season.
• It shall be the obligation of the Buyer(s) to report to the Louisa County FSA office and show filed deed(s) in order to receive the following if applicable: A. Allotted base acres. B. Any future government programs. C. CRP Prorate.
• Buyer agrees to follow all requirements of conservation plans and practices required by the FSA to maintain eligibility in the Conservation Reserve Program. Buyer agrees to accept responsibility and liability for any actions by the Buyer which would endanger eligibility for the CRP or actions that would require repayment of the CRP payment or payments. Buyer further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Sellers for any recovery sought by the FSA due to actions of Buyer, which would violate the requirements of the CRP. In the event the Buyer elects to take the ground out of CRP, the Buyer will be responsible to the Seller for any prorate of the CRP payment that the Seller would have received.
• Tracts 1 & 2 will be sold by the acre with deeded acres being the multiplier for said tracts.
• Seller shall not be obligated to furnish a survey.
• This auction sale is not contingent upon Buyer’s financing or any other Buyer contingencies.
• If a Buyer is unable to close due to insufficient funds or otherwise, Buyer will be in default and the deposit money will be forfeited. 
• The Buyer of Tract 2 shall bear the responsibility and expense to have the septic system pumped(if required) & inspected, prior to closing, as required by the Iowa DNR. It shall also be the Buyer’s responsibility and expense, if needed, to upgrade, repair, or any other matters to the septic system in accordance with Louisa County & Iowa Laws & regulations. Prior to closing, the Buyer shall acquire the proper paperwork required by the Louisa County Sanitarian for the septic system.
• If one Buyer purchases more than one tract, the Seller shall only be obligated to furnish one abstract and deed (husband & wife constitute one buyer).
• The Buyer(s) shall be responsible for any fencing in accordance with Iowa state law.
• The Buyer(s) shall be responsible for installing his/her own entrances if needed or desired.
• If in the future a site clean-up is required, it shall be at the expense of the Buyer(s).
• All mineral rights, if any, held by Seller will be transferred to Buyer upon closing.
• This real estate is selling subject to any and all covenants, restrictions, encroachments and easements, as well as all applicable zoning laws.
• The Buyer(s) acknowledge that they have carefully and thoroughly inspected the real estate and are familiar with the premises. The Buyer(s) are buying this real estate in its “as is” condition and there are no expressed or implied warranties pertaining to the real estate.
• Steffes Group, Inc. is representing the Seller.
• Any announcements made the day of sale take precedence over advertising.

Todd Seawell & Mark Mosier

Joseph L. McConnell – Attorney for Sellers

For information contact Steffes Group at 319.385.2000;
Mason Holvoet at 319.470.7372 or Nate Larson at 319.931.3944

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Tract 1

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Tract 2

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