View this great line up of equipment. For more information contact Steven Nelson at Steffes Group, 641.423.1947 or 641.430.2591

Multi-Party Farm Equipment Auction


Auction will be held at the Cartersville Elevator lot, 1603 South Eisenhower Avenue, Mason City, IA. Just ¾ miles south of the North Iowa Events Center on Eisenhower Avenue



Loadout times will be: 

Friday, August 12 from 8 AM – 4 PM

Saturday, August 13 from 8 AM – NOON

Monday, August 15 from 8 AM – 4 PM

Tuesday, August 16 from 8 AM – 4 PM

Wednesday, August 17 from 8 AM – 4 PM


NO LOADOUTS after Wednesday, August 17 without calling for an appointment.




2012 John Deere 9510R, 4,359 hrs., 4WD, powershift, premium cab, 5 hyd. w/case drain, (4) 1,378 lb. inner wheel weights., (4) 165 & (8) 450 lb. outer dual weights., (20) suitcase weights between rear fenders, CAT V drawbar, 1-1/4″ underslung tow cable, diff. lock, 7″ CommandArm touchscreen display, dual beam radar, AutoTrac ready, instructional seat, AM/FM, dual 800/70R38 tires, S/N 1RW9510RLCP004295

1989 John Deere 8760, 6,940 hrs., 4WD, 24 speed, CAH, AM/FM, hyd. adj. seat, 3 hyd., 1,000 lbs. rear wheel weights, 520/58R42 tires, S/N RW8760H001726

Case-IH 9380, 6,295 hrs., 520/80R42 triples (overhauled approx. 300 hrs. ago w/paperwork)



2018 John Deere 8245R, 1,851 hrs., MFWD, ILS, IVT 50 KPH, GreenStar 4600 processor w/AutoTrac & Section Control activations, Premium CommandView III cab, leather Active Seat, 85cc + 35cc hyd., (5) hyd. w/power beyond, dual hyd. trailer brakes, diff. lock, CAT IV drawbar, Lg. 1000 PTO, 3 pt. w/quick hitch, AM/FM/CD, poly front fenders, full coverage rear fenders, electric mirrors, (2) 1,378 lb. inner rear wheel weights, (2) 450 lb. outer rear wheel weights, Sturd-E-Built front rock box w/(10) front weights, 420/85R34 fronts, 480/80R50 rear duals, S/N 1RW8245RKJD132199

2013 John Deere 6140D, 426 hrs., 9 speed w/LHR, CAH, 3 pt., 2 hyd., 540/1000 PTO, sells w/John Deere H310 loader, joystick control, foot throttle, quick attach bucket, 48” pallet forks, S/N 1P06140DADM050168

2012 John Deere 8335R, S/N 1RW8335RTCP065139

2011 New Holland T7.250, 2,303 hrs., MFWD, 18 speed, power shift w/LHR, CAH, suspended cab, 380/85R34 fronts, 480/80R46 rear duals, (10) front weights, 3 pt. w/quick hitch, 540/1000 PTO, diff. lock, 4 hyd., poly front fenders, autosteer w/WAAS enabled 352 receiver (can be OmniStar unlocked), instructional seat, foot throttle, S/N ZDBZ03476

Case International 2294, shows 1,050 hrs., MFWD, powershift, CAH, 2 hyd., 3 pt. w/quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 4 speed w/3 speed powershift, (8) front weights, 14.9-28 fronts, 18.4-38 rears, S/N 16287042

2004 John Deere 8320

1995 John Deere 8200



1989 John Deere 4455, 7,103 hrs., 2WD, quad range, 3 hyd., 3 pt. w/top link, diff. lock, 540/1000 PTO, CAH, aux. fuel tank, (12) front weights, 11.00-16 fronts, 18.4-38 rear 10-bolt duals, S/N RW4455H003845

1982 John Deere 4640, shows 607 hrs., hrs. are not actual (believed to be 10,607), 2WD, powershift, CAH, 3 hyd., 3 pt., no top link, Lg. 1000 PTO, AM/FM, front weight bracket, 14L-16.1 fronts, 18.4-42 rears, S/N 4640P020553RW

1979 International 186 Hydro, shows 5,332 hrs., 2WD, CAH, AM/FM, spring suspension seat, 2 hyd., 3 pt. less top link, 540/1000 PTO, rock box, front fenders, K&M cab step, side mount mirrors, rear wiper, 10.00-16 fronts, 18.4-38 rears, S/N 2690015U10722

1977 John Deere 4430, 8,577 hrs., 2WD, CAH, 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, S/N 4430H064649R

1976 John Deere 4430, 6,935 hrs., 2WD, quad range, CAH, 2 hyd., power beyond, 3 pt. w/quick hitch, 540/1000 PTO, AM/FM, 7-pin power outlet, aux. fuel tank, (7) front weights, K&M cab step, side mount toolbox, 11.00-16 fronts, 18.4-38 rears, S/N 4430H047184R

1969 John Deere 4020, 3,584 hrs., diesel, Syncro, 2WD, WF, open station, rear fenders, side console, 2 hyd., 3pt. w/top link, 540/1000 PTO, 10.00-16 fronts, 18.4-38 rears, S/N T213R221472R (Unknown running condition)

1966 International 1206, 7,230 hrs., 2WD, WF, open station, flat top fenders, 2 hyd., mid-mount hyd. couplers, 3pt w/ top link, 1000 PTO, (1) front weight, (1) pair rear wheel weights, hammer strap, 10.00-16 fronts, 18.4-38 rears, S/N 9533

1966 John Deere 4020, 8,178 hrs., 2WD, Syncro, open station, 1 hyd., 3 pt. w/quick hitch, 540/1000 PTO, flat top fenders, sells w/John Deere 48 loader, 80″ bucket, weld-on cutting edge, aux. hyd. control valve 10.00-16 fronts, 18.4-34 rears, S/N SNT211R135451R

1957 Allis Chalmers CA, 2WD, gas, Woods L306 belly mower, 3 speed transmission, 540 PTO, 72″ deck, 9.5/9-24 rear tires, 4.00-15 front tires, S/N 44770 (Owner states radiator leaks)

1942 Allis Chalmers C, 2WD, gas, Woods L306 72″ belly mower, 540 PTO, 3 speed transmission, hyd. lift, 8.3-24/8-24 rear tires, 4.00-15 front tires, S/N C7094 (hole in engine block)

Case 1570, shows 7,034 hrs., 2WD, CAH, AM/FM, 4 speed w/3 speed powershift, 2 hyd., 3 pt. w/quick hitch, 1000 PTO, (12) front weights, 14L-16.1 fronts, 20.8-38 rears, S/N 8810799



1998 New Holland TR98, shows 4,264 hrs., CAH, AM/FM, air ride seat, instructional seat, Ag Leader PF3000 yield monitoring system, grain loss monitor, AHC, auto reel speed, reel fore/aft, Terrain Tracer, variable speed feeder house, feeder house reverser, chopper, Vittetoe dual chaff spreader, Maurer grain tank ext., hyd. bubble up auger, 16’ unload auger, 30.5L-32 fronts, 14.9-24 rears, S/N 563327

1995 John Deere 9500, 3,487 eng./2,282 sep. hrs., CAH, AM/FM, DAM/DAS, Johnson’s feeder house dust diverter, Vittetoe chaff spreader, 17’ 5” unload auger, 30.5-32 fronts, 14.9-24 rears, S/N H09500X660714

1995 New Holland TR87, shows 3,741 hrs., CAH, AM/FM, air ride seat, auto reel speed, AHC, grain loss monitor, variable speed feeder house, feeder house reverser, chopper, 14’ unload auger, 24.5-32 fronts, 12.4-24 rears, S/N 556493

1995 John Deere 9500, 2,465 sep./3,643 eng. hrs., 17’ unload auger, DAM, DAS, dual range cyl., chopper, Cyclone hyd. chaff spreader, Johnson feeder house dust diverter, Mauer hopper ext., 30.5L-32 fronts, 14.9-24 rears, S/N HO9500X661059

John Deere 9660

International 1460, 4,800 hrs.



2012 Drago N6TR chopping corn head, 6×30”, PTO drives, John Deere mounts, poly snouts, opposed knife rolls, self-adjusting deck plates, S/N 293212

2010 John Deere 608C StalkMaster,chopping corn head, 8×30”, poly snouts, hyd. adjust deck plates, opposed knife rolls,  single pt. hookups, (3) HHS wands, (6) poly faced stalk stompers, stubble lights, S/N 1H0608CCCA0735612

2010 John Deere 608C StalkMaster, chopping corn head, 8×30”, AHC, (3) sensors, hyd. deck plates, opposed knife rolls, single pt. hookup, S/N 1H0608CCPA0735668

2010 Case-IH 3208, corn head, 8×30″, single pt. hookups, PTO drives, hyd. deck plates, poly snouts, opposed knife rolls, will fit mid-range or Legacy, S/N Y9S019721

Case-IH 1083, corn head, 8×30″, standard hookups, poly snouts, opposed knife rolls, PTO drives, S/N JJC0073882

John Deere 643, corn head, 6×30″, intermeshing knife rolls, chain shaft drives, S/N 567347

John Deere 843, corn head, 8×30″, poly snouts, intermeshing rolls, S/N 240779H

New Holland 96C, corn head, 6×30”, poly snouts, intermeshing rolls, PTO shaft drive, S/N 656693

John Deere 643, high tin, non-oil bath, LL PTO, fluted rolls, ear savers, deflector shield, S/N 136624

Case-IH 1020, flex head, 20′, hyd. fore/aft, standard hookups, poly reel tines, steel end dividers, S/N 000866

New Holland 973, flex head, 20’, Terrain Tracer, AHC, Crary 3” cutting system, Johnson rock guard, poly reel tines, hyd. reel lift, steel crop dividers, PTO shaft drive, S/N 556174

International 836, corn head, 6×30”

International 820, grain platform, 20’

Corn Reel, 6×30″, hyd. driven, fits JD 40 series head and others



Unverferth HT25, wagon type, 25′, ext. tongue, rear hitch, 20.5×8.0-10 tires, S/N A40960180

Killbros, head trailer, 20′, manual adjust bar, manual adjust saddles, 20.5X8.0-10 tires

Shop-Built Head Trailer, wagon type, 15′, ext. tongue, wood top beam, rear hitch, 16” tires

Shop-Built Head Trailer, wagon type, 12′ wood top beam, rear hitch, 15″ tires

Shop-Built Head Trailer, 20’, wooden beam, 15” tires



John Deere 7000, MaxEmerge, planter, 12×30″, 2 pt., front fold, ground-driven, hyd. folding markers, MaxEmerge row units, Precision Planting finger pickup units, Kinze bean meters, 1.6 bu. fiberglass boxes, fiberglass insecticide boxes, pin adjust row cleaners, spring down force, manual adjust closing wheels, Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense monitor, 7.60-15 tires, S/N 613032A

White 8200, 12×30”, hyd. wing fold, hyd. flat fold markers, ground driven, Yetter pin adj. row cleaners, man. adj. closing wheels, 1.6 bu. poly seed boxes, poly insecticide boxes, corn plates, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N HL22200109

John Deere 1560, drill, 15′, 10″ spacing, 2 pt., ground-driven, dual rank, S.I. belt meters, hyd. fold markers, hyd. down pressure, 31×13.50-15 tires, S/N N01560X682093



2013 Case-IH 870, ripper,22’, individual 22” cushioned disc, (11) shank at 24” ASR w/7” points, 17” closing disc, reel basket, single point depth, walking tandems w/16.5L-15 tires, S/N YCD061907

2010 Krause Dominator 4850-18, single pt. depth, 22” front blades 9” spacing, (11) shank ASR w/15” spacings, 7” pts., 24” rear individual blades, rolling basket, 14L-16.1 tires, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N 2910

2009 Sunflower 4411, disc, 18′, pull-type, single pt. depth control, 21″ individual cushion disc front, 9×24″ ASR w/7″ pts., 21″ coned rear gang disc, Summers 3-bar coil tine harrow, 12.5L-15 tires, walking tandems, S/N 04411K199900

M&W 1165 Earthmaster, chisel plow, 12′, rock flex disc, (5) shank ASR w/3″ pts., 10.00-15 tires, S/N 001471

Bush Hog, chisel plow, 3 pt., 12’, spring mounted shanks, 3” twisted shovels, 15” gauge wheels

M&W SLR5, 3pt, 5 shank, 30” spacing, spring loaded coulters, ASR shanks, 20.5×8.0-10 gauge wheels, S/N 20035

Tebben DT5S-30, ripper, 5×30″, 3 pt., ASR shanks, 2-1/2” straight pts., rear mounted FFC leveling attachment, 7.60-15 adjust gauge wheels, S/N 8-94-2144

Glencoe Soil Saver, disc chisel, 9-shank, 15″ spacing, spring mounted front gang, rigid scrapers, spring mounted shanks, (5) 4″ twisted shovels, (4) 2″ straight shovels, S tine rear leveler bar, 11L-15 tires

Glencoe Soil Saver, disc chisel, 9-shank, 15″ spacing, 3″ twisted shovels, spring mounted shanks, spring mounted front gang, rigid scrapers, 11L-15 tires, S/N 152203

John Deere 512, disc ripper, 12’6”, 5 shank, 30” spacing, 7” pts., shank protectors, ASR shanks, cushion front and rear gangs, 11” spacing, 22” front blades, 21-1/2” rear blades, spring mounted scrapers front and rear, single pt. depth control, 11L-15 tires, walking tandems across, S/N N00512X010249

John Deere 915, (9) shank ASR w/5” pts., 3 pt., 9.5L-15 adjust gauge wheels, S/N N00915XO03469

John Deere 2100, inline ripper, 4×30”, 3 pt., ASR shanks, 2” straight pts., wear shins, spring mounted coulters, (2) 20.5/65-10 pin adjust gauge wheels, S/N 1A82100XCD0750105

New Holland ST770, disc ripper, 7×30”, hyd. wing fold, single mounted front discs measure 21”, ASR shanks, 10” winged pts., 9” coverboards, spring mounted leveler discs measure 17”, 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N JFH0029166

Case-IH 870, ripper, individual 22” cushioned disc, (11) shanks, 24” ASR w/7” pts., 17” closing disc, reel basket, single pt. depth, walking tandems w/16.5L-15 tires, S//N YCD061907

Glencoe Soil Saver, 7-shank, 3” twisted shovels, spring loaded shanks, spring loaded front gang, rigid scrapers, manual adjust hitch, 11L-15 tires

Case-IH 14, ripper w/caddy, (6) 30” ASR shanks, 7” pts., Buster Bar, 11L-15 tires, S/N 03625

Case International 14, ripper, 3 pt., 9-shank, 24” spacing, 2-1/2” pts., shank protectors, ASR shanks, 11L-15 tandem gauge wheels, S/N JAG0362532

International 720, moldboard plow, 5×20”, semi-mounted, spring mounted coulters, auto reset, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N U038238

International 720, moldboard plow, 5×18”, semi-mounted, auto reset shanks, spring mounted coulters, 9.5L-14 tail wheel, 9.5L-14 pin adjust gauge wheel, S/N U022912

McFarlane RD-4030-RB6, 30’, cushion front gang, rigid scrapers, chopper reels on rear, 3-bar spike tooth harrow, rolling basket, hyd. fold, hyd. adj. tongue, single point depth control, 12.5L-15 tandems on main, 11L-15 tandems on wings, S/N 16057

Krause 14, 24’, 8” spacing, hyd. fold, rigid scrapers front and rear, 3 bar coil tine harrow, 12.5L-15 mains, 11L-15 wings, S/N 1934

John Deere 230, disc, 21′, 9″ spacing, 22″ front blades, 20″ rear blades, spring mounted scrapers front & rear, hyd. fold, 11L-15 tandem tires, S/N 019475A

Allis Chalmers 2500, disc, 22’6″, pull-type, 9″ spacing, cushion gang, 21-1/2″ front blades, 20″ rear blades, rigid scrapers front and rear, hyd. fold, 11L-15 tandems on main, 11L-15 on wings

Allis Chalmers, disc 12’, 7” spacing, rigid scrapers front and rear, hyd. lift (less cyl.), rear hitch, 9.5L-15 tires

John Deere 330, disc 21’, 9” spacing, spring mounted scrapers front and rear, 20” front blades, 22” rear blades, hyd. fold, man. adjust hitch, 11L-15 tandems on main, 11L-15 on wings, S/N 014102A

John Deere 330, disc, 27’, 9” spacings, front & rear spring mounted scrapers, 12.5L-15 tires, S/N 014079A

John Deere 2210, field cultivator, 45-1/2′, pull-type, level lift tongue, 200 lb. standards, 7-1/2″ Perma-Loc sweeps, 6″ spacing, single pt. depth adjust, 4-bar coil tine harrow, 11L-15 tires, walking tandems across, (2) 9.5L-15 pin adjust front gauge wheels, S/N N02210L010388

Wil-Rich 2500, field cultivator 28’, 4” spacing, 10” bolt-on sweeps, 4-bar coil tine harrow, hyd. fold, 11L-15 walking tandems on main, 9.5L-15 walking tandems on wings, S/N 12969

Krause 4608, row crop cultivator, 8×30”, 3pt., hyd. fold, 6.70-15 gauge wheels, S/N 1849

International 183, row crop cultivator, 6×30”, 3 pt.

Drag, 60’, 10-section, 8-bar, hyd. lift, manual fold, 235/75R15 tires



Brent 1080, grain cart, Lg. 1000 PTO, scale w/Digi-Star EZ 400 display, roll tarp, hyd. adjust spout, 35.5L-32 tires, S/N B23930144

EZ Trail 510, hyd. fold side auger, hyd. flow control door, adj. axle, 1000 PTO, 18.4-26 tires, S/N F61092

Demco 750, grain cart, 1000 PTO, Digi-Star scale, tarp, 14” corner auger, 30.5L-32 tires, S/N 40003

Kinze 800, grain cart, 1000 PTO, roll tarp, auger light, 30.5-32 tires

(2) Brent 644, gravity flow wagons

Brent 744, gravity flow wagon

Dakon 250, gravity flow, ladder front and rear, on running gear, 6 bolt hubs, 11L-15 tires

Dakon 280, gravity flow, front ladder, John Deere 1075 running gear, 8 bolt hubs, 16.5-16.1 tires

Unverferth GT-540, gravity flow, S/N B1698178

Parker 12530, gravity flow, Kewanee No. 47 running gear, front ladder, 6-bolt hubs, 12.5L-15 tires

Osage Big Bin, gravity flow, John Deere running gear, front ladder, 8-bolt hubs, 12.5L-16 tires, S/N W1075016901W

J&M, gravity flow, J&M running gear, front ladder, 6-bolt hubs, 12.5L-15 tires,

Triggs, gravity flow wagon, double door, ladder front and rear, center divider, dump light, rear warning lights, mounted on Triggs running gear, rear hitch, brakes, 8-bolt hubs, 16.5L-16.11 tires

Triggs, gravity flow wagon, double door, ladder front and rear, mounted on Triggs running gear, rear hitch, brakes, 8-bolt hubs, 16.5L-16.1 tires

(4) Wagon Tires, 16.5L-16.1 tire, 8-bolt rim

Killbros 350, gravity flow wagon, front and rear ladder, mounted on John Deere 1065A running gear (S/N 188498W), 6-bolt hubs, 12.5L-15 tires, Unverferth seed auger, 12’, manual raise, manual swing, hyd. driven, plastic flexible spout

(2) DMI, gravity flow wagons, center dump, rear hitch, rear lights, front ladder, brakes, 8-bolt hubs, 16.5L-16.1 tires

J&M Model 384-SD, front ladder, rear hitch, J & M running gear, 8-bolt hubs, 385/65R22.5 tires, S/N 28606

J&M Model 385-SD, front ladder, rear hitch, rear lights, J&M running gear, 8-bolt hubs, 385/65R22.5 tires, S/N 28607

J&M Model 350-20, front ladder, mounted on J&M running gear, rear hitch, 8-bolt hubs, 16.5L-16.1 tires, S/N 13562

J&M Model 350-20, front ladder, mounted on J&M running gear, rear hitch, 8-bolt hubs, 11R22.5 tires, S/N 24939



Case 1835B, 5,151 hrs., diesel, 60” bucket, weld-on cutting edge, manual quick-tach, O-ROPS, LED lights, aux. hyd. 10-16.5 tires, S/N 17165661

Clark Bobcat 371, shows 495 hrs., gas, 42″ bucket, weld-on cutting edge, manual quick-tach, ROPS, foot controls, 14 hp. Kohler, electric start, 23×8.50-12 tires, S/N 4953-M-11128

Bobcat 753, 2,900 hrs., 60” bucket, weld-on cutting edge, manual quick-tach, O-ROPS, foot controls, aux. hyd., diesel, 10-16.5 tires, S/N 51271861

Bobcat 742B, 3,111 hrs., 60” bucket, weld-on cutting edge, man. quick-tach, O-ROPS, foot controls, aux. hyd. gas, 10-16.5 tires, S/N 509418647

Notch LP72S, material bucket, 72″, skid steer mount, S/N 23993

Bobcat 709, skid steer mount backhoe, hyd. riggers, hyd. swing, quick-tach buckets, 12” tine bucket, 22” tine bucket, S/N A54M00356

Skid Steer Tracks, 13” cleated tracks, 1-1/2” steel cleats, off of JCB 260

Snow Pusher, shop-built, 7’6”, skid steer mount, hyd. tilt, spring reset



2019 Manitou MLT 625-75, 2,487 hrs., MDS 84” bucket, weld-on edge, hyd. quick-tach, 5500 lbs. capacity, CAH, AM/FM, 2 speed, all wheel steer, 4WD, aux. hyd., rear hitch, Kubota 4 cyl. diesel engine, 300/75R18 tires, S/N MAN00000V01020569



John Deere 410B, 1,797 hrs., 2WD, diesel, ROPS, 88” bucket, weld-on cutting edge, 24” rear tine bucket, 265/75R16 fronts, 18.4-24 rears, S/N 1647171

Bobcat 709, skid steer mount, hyd. riggers, hyd. swing, quick-tach buckets, 12” tine bucket, 22” tine bucket, S/N A54M00356



2014 International ProStar, 740,889 miles, tandem axle day cab, MaxxForce 12.4L, Eaton 10 speed, air ride cab, air suspension, single fuel tank, PW, PL, single exhaust, Hankook super singles, new 5th wheel, VIN 3HSDJSRJRXEN059795

2008 International ProStar, 426,953 miles, day cab, Cummins ISM, Eaton Fuller 10 speed, air susp., diff. lock, air slide 5th wheel, SS half fenders, 105 & 80 gal. alum. fuel tanks, air ride cab, dual air ride seats, single exhaust, engine brake, 12,000 lb. front axle, 40,000 lb. rear axles, A/C, PW, PL, cruise, AM/FM/CD, 185” WB, 11R22.5 tires, alum. outer wheels

2006 Freightliner Columbia, w/dry box, VIN 1FUJA6CK86PW20573

2001 Freightliner FLD 120, 759,323 miles, day cab, tandem axle, air ride suspension, Detroit Series 60, Eaton 10 speed, 180” WB, 12,000 lb. front axle, w/275/80R22.5 tires on aluminum wheels, (2) 20,000 lb. rear axles w/295/75R22.5 tires (new) on steel wheels, (2) 120 gal. alum. fuel tanks, diff. lock, air slide 5th wheel, engine brake, VIN 1FUJAHCG31LH70486

1999 Freightliner FLD120, day cab, 213,681 miles, (less than 100,000 miles on major engine work), tandem axle w/air lift self-steering pusher axle, Detroit series 60, Eaton Fuller 10 speed, 220” WB, air suspension, diff. lock, air ride driver’s seat, 285/75R24.5 tires, (12) aluminum wheels, VIN 1FUYDSEB3XPA06482

1992 Chevrolet C7000, 172,396 miles, single axle, 6.0L gas, 5&2 trans., air brakes, 196” WB, spring suspension, Dayton spoked wheels, single steel fuel tank, 14’x96”x52” steel grain body, 2×12 side extensions, wood floor, 3-piece end gate w/grain chute, single cyl. scissor hoist, air operated PTO, rear hitch, A/C, air ride driver seat, AM/FM/cassette, VIN 1GBM7H1P7NJ101064

1991 Ford L8000, 7.8L diesel, 5&2 trans., air brakes, single hoist, 10’ dump box

1976 Chevrolet C65, shows 26,301 miles, 366 gas motor w/5&2 trans., 9000 lb. front axle, 18,500 lb. rear axle, Mico brake lock, steel box 14’x8’x47″ w/16” extensions, cargo doors & wooden tailgate, poly lined floor, Schwartz Low Pro single scissor hoist, 10.00-20 tires, VIN CCE666V123590

2016 Timpte Super Hopper, tandem axle w/front axle lift, 65,000 lb. GVWR, 42’x96”x66”, air ride suspension, Ag hoppers w/roller traps, manual tarp w/Hurricane straps, front & rear ladders, 11R22.5 tires on aluminum wheels, VIN 1TDH42227GB154012

2015 Timpte, grain hopper, tandem axle w/air lift tag DDS, 50’x72”x96”, air suspension, (2) ag hoppers w/1 speed roller traps, S/S F/R, F/R ladders, Thunder electric tarp, 11R22.5 tires, (10) aluminum wheels, VIN 1TDH50033FB146968

2012 Wilson Commander DWH-5000, 43’x96”x66”, Ag hoppers, single speed trap doors, air suspension, front & rear ladders, (2) rows of (5) led lights, S/S rear panel, Shurlok 4500 electric roll tarp w/Hurricane straps, 11R22.5 tires, (4) aluminum wheels, VIN 1W1SAF1A1CA259200

2001 Timpte, aluminum, grain hopper, 96”x66”x42’, roll tarp, tandem axle, (2) standard hoppers, single speed roller traps, spring suspension, front & rear ladders, 11R24.5 tires, steel wheels, VIN 1TDH422261B098801

1998 Jet, steel grain hopper, 42’, spring suspension, standard hopper, 11R24.5 tires

1992 Wilson PacesetterDWH-200, 41’x96”x66”, tandem axle, spring suspension, (2) standard hoppers w/2 speed manual openers, front & rear ladders, Roll-Rite electric roll tarp, 11R24.5 tires w/steel wheels, VIN 1W1MAF1D5NA215660

1970 Fruehauf EDT OMM, tanker, 38’, 8,200 gal. (baffles have been drilled out), spring suspension, fixed landing gear, 10.00-20 tires, S/N OMM50312



2014 Ford F350, 266,296 miles, crew cab, 4WD, dually, 7.3L Powerstroke diesel, automatic, AM/FM, heat, A/C, 9’ fiberglass service body, (6) compartments, ag hitch, 235/85R16 tires, VIN 1F1WW3F7XEC97081

2001 GMC Sierra 1500 HD, 239,091 miles, crew cab, 6.0L gas., auto, 4WD, SLE trim pkg., heat, A/C, AM/FM, power mirrors, power windows, power locks, power front seats, cruise, brake controller, driver sidestep bar, headache rack, receiver hitch, alloy wheels, w/Hiniker 8’ blade, hyd. lift, hyd. tilt, spring reset, hand-held controller, LT285/75R16 tires, VIN 1GTGK13U21F15879



1995 DiamondD, 7’x20’, gooseneck, steel horse trailer, tack room (2) 4,880 lb. torsion axles w/electric brakes, 7.50-16 tires

2004 Maurer, utility trailer, 82”x16’, wood deck, 18”x68” sliding ramps, tandem axle, spring suspension, 7,000 lbs. axles, brakes on both axles, 2-5/16” ball hitch, winch, LT215/85R16 tires

2021 Sure-Trac, 82”x16’, wooden deck, w/2’ steel dove tail, ramps, stake pockets, 2-5/16” ball, (2) 3,500 lbs. spring axles w/electric brakes, 205/75R15 tires, VIN 5JW1U1829M1319699 (NEW)

Kiefer, deck over flatbed, tandem axle, gooseneck, folding ramps, 235/80R16



Woods BB84X Brush Bull Extreme, 7′, 3 pt., 540 PTO, laminated tail wheel, S/N 1176885

Land Pride RCM3615 Plainsman II, 15′, chain guards, 1000 PTO, S/N 1235730



Top Air, pull-type, 1,000 gal. poly tank, hyd. fold 60’ boom, 3-section boom shutoffs, 2” fill port, single nozzle bodies on 20” spacing, hyd. driven Ace pump, Raven 440 controller, hand rinse tank, 18.4-26 tires



Case-IH 550, spreader, 540 PTO, hyd. rear gate, wood floor, T bar web, single beater, 10.00-20 tires, S/N 11908480009134



Patriot Pathfinder, nurse tank, 4-wheel steer, 1,600 gal. poly tank, 400 gal. poly tank, 1.5” plumbing, 3” fill, 540/65R24 tires, S/N 23618


OMC Owatanna 260, swather, hydrostatic drive, 6 cyl. Ford gas engine, 13.50-16.1 fronts, 6.70-15 rears, S/N 2542, Model 261 header, 12’ 6” cut, hyd. reel lift, S/N 2456

Rhino PT207, tedder, 540 PTO, man. adj. leveling, 16×6.50-18 tires, S/N 246731

New Holland 144, inverter, ground driven, man. adj. pickup, 5.00-15 tires, S/N 823317

Vermeer VR1428, wheel rake, 28’, 14-wheel, (2) kicker wheels, wind guards, hyd. fold, hyd. windrow adj., hyd. lift wheels, adj. hitch, 11L-15 tires, S/N VRA302H7D1002069

Sperry New Holland 451, sickle mower, 7′, 540 PTO, 3 pt., S/N 347264

New Holland H7450 MowMax, mower conditioner, 13’ mower conditioner, sm. 1000 PTO, center pivot, pivot hitch drawbar, rubber rolls, 31X13.50-15 tires, S/N YBN088135

Vermeer 605N, Cornstalk Special, DCF wide pickup, hyd. lift pickup, powered wind guard, surface wrap, bale ramp, Lincoln power luber, 1000 PTO, 7.10-16 gauge wheels, 21.5-16.1 tires, S/N 1VRM16146G1003007

Vermeer 605 Super J, round baler, 540 PTO, twine only, kicker wheels, bale counter, 13.50-15 tires, S//N 1VRA121R4M1005227

New Holland 311, small square baler, 540 PTO, man. swing, man. pickup adjust, twine tie, screw adj. bale tension, bale counter, 7.50-15 RH, 27×9.50-15 LH



John Deere, 15’, pull-type, end transport, hyd. lift, 1000 PTO, 15” tires, S/N 360199E


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