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pelican rapids estate albert boese estate/ christine boese

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15 May, 2021 12:00 am

LARGE ESTATE COLLECTION75 +/- Firearms Collection, Ammo, Knife Collection, Hunting/Fishing, Horse Drawn Buggy, Horse Equipment/Saddles/Horse Tack, Farm Toys/Other Toys, Vintage Farm,Antiques/Collectibles, and More!

Lot #: 80

Ertl 1/16 John Deere 530 NF Tractor

And John Deere 620 WF Tractor – Both (NIB) 2 times the money

Lot #: 81

Ertl 1/16 Massey Harris 55 Tractor WF (NIB)

and Massey Harris 44 Tractor- 2 times the money

Lot #: 82

Ertl 1/16 John Deere 50 NF Tractor

and John Deere NF A Tractor- No Boxes 2 times the money. JD A is limited edition. #157 of 5000

Lot #: 83

Ertl Case IH 7210 w/box

1/16 scale- NIB

Lot #: 84

Ertl IHC 1468 V8 Tractor 1/16 Die Cast


Lot #: 85

Ertl IHC 1568 V8 Tractor 1/16 Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 85e

Vintage Massey Ferguson 860 Combine

(Ertl 1/16)

Lot #: 86

Ertl John Deere Model C Tractor NF

1/16 (NIB) and Vintage John Deere Baler- 2 times the money

Lot #: 86e

Vintage Tonka Truck (Repaint)

Lot #: 87

Ertl 1/16 John Deere Belted Elevator (NIB)

and Ertl John Deere 720 WF Tractor Hi Crop- 2 cylinder club Expo 1990 edition

Lot #: 87e

Ertl 50th Anniversary (1945-1995) Farmall H

w/Farmer (NIB) and Ertl Farmall 350 Tractor WF- 2 times the money

Lot #: 88

Ertl John Deere 4010 HiCrop (2003 NFTM Edition)

Tractor and John Deere Baler 1/16 Die Cast- 2 times the money

Lot #: 88e

Ertl John Deere 4320 DSL MFWD Tractor 1/16

Die Cast and John Deere X 324 Lawn Tractor

Lot #: 89

Vintage John Deere Spreader w/arcade wheels

and John Deere 2 bottom plow- 2 times the money.

Lot #: 89e

Ertl Farm Country Square Baler

John Deere 338 Baler, JD 1934 Model A Tractor and Vintage Vehicles Allis chalmers Model C, 1/32 and 1/43 sclaes- 4 total

Lot #: 90

Ertl John Deere MC Crawler w/Dozer 1/16 and Spec

Cast Crawler w/Cultivator 1/16 Die Cast- 2 times the money.

Lot #: 90e

Ertl 1/16 Ford 8N Tractor

1955 True Value #12 Pickup Truck Bank and 1926 Mack Crate Truck Band (Red Cross) 3 total

Lot #: 91

Ertl John Deere 1/16 9620 Rx Track Tractor

Collector Edition Die Cast

Lot #: 92

Ertl John Deere 8310T Tractor 1/16 Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 93

Ertl John Deere Crawlers MC w/dozer

John Deere 430 w/3pt and John Deere 1010 w/ripper. -3 times the money

Lot #: 94

Ertl John Deere 2640 Special Edition

“Field of Dreams’ Tractor and Ertl JD Model 40 1/16 Die cast- 2 times the money

Lot #: 95

John Deere & Co. New Die Cast Anvil Bank

With Blacksmith

Lot #: 96

Ertl John Deere 420 NF Tractor and

John Deere General Purpose A Collectors Edition 1/16- 2 times the money

Lot #: 97

Ertl Ford 8240 Tractor 1/16 Die Cast

and Massey Harris 44 NF Tractor- 2 times the money

Lot #: 98

Vintage Tonka Winnebago Large Scale Metal

Lot #: 99

Clydesdale Horse Drien Bobsled Team

Lot #: 100

Ultra 87 12 ga w/slug barrel

#U8700599 (assembled in China)

Lot #: 100d

Franklin Mint Wells Fargo and Co. Stage Coach

Lot #: 101

CJ Hamilton & Sons No. 47 Bolt Action 22cal S/L

(no visible sn#)

Lot #: 102

Winchester Model 1000X air rifle

Lot #: 103

Remington Scoremaster 22 cal


Lot #: 104

Husqvarna/Vapenfabriks 12 ga

double barrel twin hammer #176381

Lot #: 104a

17-17 1/2 English Saddle

Lot #: 105

Marlin 60W 22cal Safety/Ethics/Sportsmanship

Model (medallion in stock) #06285482

Lot #: 105a

Restored Horse Drawn 2 Seat Buggy w/shaves

Very nice buggy, (Albert & Christine used this buggy many times on parades/casual driving)

Lot #: 105b

Winchester Model 70 Bolt 300 Win Mag

w/3×9 Leupold Scope sn#G2174258

Lot #: 106

Rossi Circuit Judge 45L Colt-410Mag Revolver

Carbine (new in box) sn#FT3412

Lot #: 106a

Nice Nickle Spotted Single Driving

Harness/Quarterhorse size

Lot #: 106b

Browning Belgium BAR 270cal

SA w/Redfield 3×9 Scope sn#137RP04931

Lot #: 107

Henry Golden Boy 22cal Lever Action

(new in box) #GB191369

Lot #: 107a

Antique Ladies Side Saddle

Lot #: 107b

Browning Belgium BAR 308cal SA

Mark II Safari Nikon Prostaff 3×9 Scope sn#311MX09279

Lot #: 108

Henry 22cal Mag Golden Boy

(new in box) #GB053755M

Lot #: 108a

Antique 16in High Back Stock Saddle

Lot #: 108b

Browning Medallion A-Bolt 22-250cal Bolt Action

w/Bushnell 4×12 Scope sn#23437NY217

Lot #: 109

Henry Golden Boy Cal 17HMR lever action

(new in box) #GB022005V

Lot #: 109a

Antique U.S. Cavalry Saddle w/stirrups

Lot #: 109b

Ruger M77 Mark II 22-250cal Stainless

w/Tasko Scope and Bipods sn#788-27596

Lot #: 110

Remington 12ga Wingmaster Model

870 2/3/4in #520414V

Lot #: 110a

Vintage Spotted Pony Saddle

Lot #: 111

Savage 20ga Model 220 L-D Single

2 ¾ – 3in (no visible sn#)

Lot #: 111a

Like New Texas Saddlery 16in Tooled/Silver Show


Lot #: 112

J. Stevens Model 1915 22cal LR “Favorite”


Lot #: 112a

16in Basket Weave Roping/Stock Saddle

Lot #: 113

Brazilian/FIE/CBC Model SB 20ga Single #C1337343

Lot #: 113a

16in Acorn/Oak Leaf Tooled Stock Saddle

Lot #: 114

Ranger Model 36 22cal S/L/LR Single (no visible


Lot #: 114a

15 ½ in Basket Weave Western Saddle

Lot #: 115

J. Stevens 22cal Little Shot Single (no visible


Lot #: 115a

15/16in Australian Stock Saddle

Lot #: 116

Remington 22cal Sure Shot (no visible sn#)

Lot #: 116a

16in Tooled Western Stock Saddle

Lot #: 117

Wards Western Field 20ga Bolt (no visible sn#)

Lot #: 117a

15 ½ in High Quality Western Stock Saddle

Lot #: 118

Harrington & Richards Model 121 20ga Bolt (no

visible sn#)

Lot #: 118a

15in Tooled Western Stock Saddle

Lot #: 119

Savage Model 64 22ga LR Synthetic sn#2636444

Lot #: 119a

15in Genuine Buenavista Saddle

Lot #: 120

Spartan Gunworks by Remington SPR100 12ga

3in (Baikal.Russia) sn#05020292R120A

Lot #: 120a

14in Mexican Stock Saddle

Lot #: 121

Henry Model 22 big lever loop sn#C006433H

Lot #: 121a

15/16in Australian Stock Saddle

Lot #: 121c

Ruger Red Hawk 41 Magnum Revolver sn#502-60589

Lot #: 122

Revelation Model 101 22cal S/L/LR sn#P685304

Lot #: 122a

Ertl John Deere 1/16 Collectors Edition 1940 12a C

1940 to 1990 50th Anniversary 12A Combine (NIB)

Lot #: 122c

US Revolver Company 32cal 5 shot Revolver


Lot #: 123

J. Stevens 22cal long rifle sn#B382

Lot #: 123a

Ertl IHC Farmall 1256 1/16 Tractor Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 123c

H and R Arms 32cal Victor sn#99758

Lot #: 124

Invincible 16ga Single Choke sn#A1012109

Lot #: 124a

Ertl John Deere 8400 MFWD Tractor 1/16 Scale/Die

Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 124c

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works

32cal Revolver 5 shot

Lot #: 125

Mossberg Model 640K Chuckster 22 Mag

WMR (no visible sn#)

Lot #: 125a

Ertl 1995 Collectors Edition IHC 826 Gold Demonstr

Tractor 1/16 Die Cast (No Box)

Lot #: 125c

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works 32cal sn#54133

Lot #: 126

American Arms 20ga #0218085

Lot #: 126a

Ertl John Deere 9570RX Prestige Collection Trac Tr

(100 years JD Tractors Edition) 1/16 (NIB)

Lot #: 126c

Colt 22cal LR Single Action Frontier Scout

?Wyatt Earp Lawman Series? sn#2815LWE

Lot #: 127

Mossberg Model 500A 12ga ?Home Defender?

Style 18 1/2in sn#L509449

Lot #: 127a

Ertl IHC 1468 V8 1/16 Die Cast Tractor (NIB)

Lot #: 127c

Ruger Wrangler Single Action 22LR Revolver

New in Box sn#201-62131

Lot #: 128

Marlin Model 1892 32cal Lever Action Octagon Barre


Lot #: 128a

Ertl IHC 1568 V8 1/16 Die Cast Tractor (NIB)

Lot #: 128c

M44-Romanian 7.62x54R C.A.I. Georgia VT 1955


Lot #: 129

Wards Western Field Model 36B 22cal S/L/LR

(no visible sn#)

Lot #: 129a

Ertl John Deere 8420 MFWD Tractor 1/16 Die Cast


Lot #: 129c

Winchester Model 1300 XTR 12ga 2 ¾ -3in


Lot #: 130

Mossberg 320B 22cal S/L/LR

(no visible sn#)

Lot #: 130a

Ertl John Deere 9620 4×4 Tractor 1/16 Die

(NIB) Collectors Edition w/Gold 4×4 Tractor and Medallion

Lot #: 130c

Winchester Receiving Arms Model 74 22cal

short sn#16019

Lot #: 131

Remington Model 510 Target Master 22cal

S/L/LR Bolt (no visible sn#)

Lot #: 131a

Ertl CIH 5130 Maxxum MFWD Tractor 1/16 Die Cast


Lot #: 131c

Montgomery Ward 100B 12ga

SB Western Field Long Tom sn#A 605589

Lot #: 132

St-Etienne (France) Pocket Revolver

Possibly 320cal/stamped 5 1870?s/80?s (no visible sn#)

Lot #: 132a

Ertl CIH 5140 Maxxum MFWD Tractor

1/16 Die Cast (NIB) Collectors Edition

Lot #: 132c

Winchester Model 64 30WCF cal sn#1445984

Lot #: 133

Vintage Deringer Single

(side break/turn barrel) 1800?s (possibly 32cal) ? no visible sn#

Lot #: 133a

Ertl John Deere 9400T Tractor

Collector Edition 1/16 Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 133c

Winchester Model 140 12ga 2 3/4 in


Lot #: 134

Robin Hood Model 1875 5 Shot Pocket Revolver

No. 3 ½ (possibly 32cal) ? no visible sn#

Lot #: 134a

Ertl CIH 7120 Tractor w/cab 1/16 Die Cast 1980?s


Lot #: 134c

Colt AR-15 223cal Model SPI sn#SP32333

w/2 clips & Bipod & Scope    

Lot #: 135

H & R Model 622 22cal Revolver 6 Shot

Orig Grips Pat #2624970/snY20378

Lot #: 135a

Ertl John Deere 9520 4×4 Tractor

w/Triples 1/16 Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 135c

Springfield Model 67 series 6 12ga pump

3 in sn#CO84311                                        

Lot #: 136

H & R Model 922 22cal Revolver 9 shot

Orig Grips sn#R48665

Lot #: 136a

Ertl Cat Challenger MFWD 75hp Tractor

1/16 Die Cast ? No Box

Lot #: 136c

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Champion Single Sh

2 3/4in matted rib sn#74582

Lot #: 137

Iver Johnson Arms 1886-1887 Revolver

(possibly 32) no visible sn#

Lot #: 137a

Ertl John Deere 9400 T Tractor

1/16 Die Cast- No Box

Lot #: 137c

Winchester Model 1892 38-40WCF 24in Octagon Barrel

sn#165176 (mfg1898)

Lot #: 138

Vanguard Italian Starter Pistol

Lot #: 138a

Ertl IHC 1586V8 Tractor 1994 Model

1968 3rd in Series of 4- 1/16 Die Cast- No Box

Lot #: 138c

Winchester Model 1873, 32WCF 24 in Octagon Barrel

sn#251057B (mfg 1888)

Lot #: 139

RG7 22cal Starter Pistol/Made in


Lot #: 139a

Ertl John Deere Model G Tractor

and John Deere Model B Tractor- 1/16 Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 139c

Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 22cal

S/Long Rifle tube feed sn#1825932

Lot #: 140

J. Stevens 22cal Single Shot Pistol sn#89687 w/

6″ barrel

Lot #: 140a

Ertl John Deere Model A Tractor

w/man 1/16 Die Cast (NIB)

Lot #: 140c

Colt Single Action Army 45cal Long Colt Revolver

sn#30187 (these lots 140C & 141C are consecutive serial numbers) These are made in Italy                                              

Lot #: 141

Model 1900 Double Action Revolver sn#40839

Lot #: 141c

Colt Single Action Army 45cal Long Colt Revolver

sn#30188 (these lots 140C & 141C are consecutive serial numbers)  These are made in Italy

Lot #: 142

Hawthorne Ultra-HI Continental Army Black Powder

Replica Pistol 67cal

Lot #: 142c

Ruger Vaquero 45cal Long Colt Revolver

sn#510-34830 (Stainless)

Lot #: 143

NEF Model B32 32 S&W Blank Starter Pistol

(Gardner, Ma)

Lot #: 143c

Remington Wingmaster 410ga Pump sn#A9865884

Lot #: 144

H & R 38cal S & W Revolver – auto


Lot #: 144c

Pro Mag AR-15 223cal 30rd Clips- times 3

Lot #: 145

Morton Harris Marksman Pellet Handgun

Lot #: 145c

Pro Mag AR-15 223 30rd Clips- times 3

Lot #: 146

Daisy 35th Anniversary Model 880

.177cal/BB Air Rifle w/scope

Lot #: 146c

AR-15 223cal 30rd Clips- times 3

Lot #: 147

Daisy .177/4.5mm/BB Air Rifle Model 840 w/scope

Lot #: 147c

AR-15 223cal 30rd Clips- times 3

Lot #: 148

Daisy Red Ryder BB Lever Action Rifle

Lot #: 148c

Pro Mag AR-15 223cal 30rd Clips- times 3

Lot #: 149

Daisy Model 840 .177/BB Camo Air Rifle

Lot #: 150

Combo Cane Stiletto knife Walking Cane

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