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21 July, 2022 8:00 am

Preview is July 21–28 from 8AM-5PM, by appointment only and loadout will be July 28–August 4 from 8AM-5PM. For information contact Calvin, 701.320.1898 or Brad Olstad at Steffes Group, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.0240.



LOCATION:  7747 64th St SE, Edgeley, ND 58454





PREVIEW:  Thursday, July 21 – Thursday, July 28 from 8:00AM-5:00PM. By appointment only, contact Calvin Schlenker at 701.320.1898 or Brad Olstad at 701.238.0240

LOADOUT:  Thursday, July 28 – Thursday, August 4 from 8:00AM-5:00PM 



1992 Ford Versatile 946, 4WD, Cummins, 855-325 hp., 12 spd., 4 hyd., return flow, hyd. flow control, Michelin 650/65R42 duals, shows 7,904 hrs., S/ND485354

1991 Ford Versatile 976, 4WD, Cummins, 855-360 hp., 12 spd., 4 hyd., return flow, power beyond, EZ-Guide 500 auto steer, HID lights, Firestone 20.8-42 duals, shows 9,956 hrs., S/ND476282

1990 Ford Versatile 976, 4WD, Cummins 855-360 hp., 12 spd., 4 hyd., flow control, HID lights, Firestone 520/85R42 duals, shows 1,774 hrs., 11,774 total hrs., S/ND451534

1977 Versatile 850 Series II, 4WD, Cummins 855-280 hp., 12 spd., 4 hyd., w/13′ full hyd. angle dozer, Goodyear 20.8-38 duals, shows 5,962 hrs., S/N51921

1976 Versatile 800 Series II, 4WD, Cummins 850-250 hp., 12 spd., 3 hyd., Goodyear 18.4-38 duals, S/N31835



1993 John Deere 4960, MFWD, 15 spd. powershift, flow control, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, diff lock, air seeder pin hookup, EZ-Guide Plus, light bar, front suitcase weights, inside rear weights, Firestone 420/90R30 front tires, Goodyear 18.4-46 press steel rear duals, shows 8,933 hrs.

Allis Chalmers 7040, 2WD, 5 spd. Hi/Lo, 2 hyd., power direct, 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, diff lock, front suitcase weights, power slide rear tire adj., 18.4-38 band duals, 7,126 hrs.

1973 John Deere 4030, 2WD, 8 spd., 1 hyd., 3 pt., 60 Series step, electric split hyd. valve, 540/1000 PTO, cab guard, w/John Deere 158 hyd. loader, joystick control, 96″ bucket, 4-tine grapple, 18.4-34 single tires, shows 11,613 hrs., S/N2221

1963 John Deere 4010, open station, 8 spd., 1 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, Goodyear 18.4-34 single tires, shows 9,300 hrs., S/N40224

John Deere 48 hyd. loader, 74″ bucket, 4-tine grapple



1976 Case 580C tractor loader backhoe, 2WD, cab, heat, 4 spd. gear trans., 80″ bucket, 23″ 5-tooth backhoe bucket, Firestone 17.5-24 rear tires, 3,690 hrs., S/N5393230



Minneapolis Moline U Special, wide front, open station, 1 hyd., 540 PTO, rear weights, full coverage fenders, 13.6-38 rear tires, S/N1214632

1954 Farmall McCormick Super M-TA, wide front, open station, gear trans., torque amplifier, 1 hyd., 1 TA, 540 PTO, rear weights, belt pulley, 13.6-38 tires, S/N73648

Allis Chalmers C, wide front, open station, 540 PTO, belt pulley



Brent 572 grain cart, 575 bu., corner auger, 1000 PTO, roll tarp, 23.1-26 diamond tires, S/N572179



1995 John Deere 853A all crop head, 8×30″, steel snouts, debris screen, (2) stalk stompers, S/NH0853AX660411

1980 John Deere 212 pickup head, 12′, steel tine pickup, S/N440279

Unverferth HT30 4-wheel header trailer, 30′, adj. bar mount, adj. hitch, 7.50-10 tires

Donahue tandem axle implement trailer, 36′, double pipe



1984 Versatile 4400 self-propelled swather, cab, air, 22′ double swath, bat reel, 18.4-16 flotation tires, S/N210832

1982 Versatile 4400 self-propelled swather, cab, air, 20′ double swath, bat reel, 18.4-16 flotation tires, S/N194455

John Deere 590 pull-type swather, 25′, 540 PTO, steel bat reel, 3″ cut, S/NE00590A877391

Single axle swather trailer



John Deere 730 air drill, 36′, 6″ spacing, 3-section fold, approx. 7″ shank spacing, 9-1/2″ bolt-on sweeps, single pt. depth, walking tandems across, 2-bar spring tine harrow, 11.5L-15 tires, w/787 commodity cart, 2 compartment, ground drive, hyd. drill fill w/steel flighting, hyd. fan, 18.4-26 diamond tires, drill S/NN00730X000426, cart S/NN00787X001141

John Deere 730 air drill, 44′, 6″ spacing, 3-section fold, approx. 7″ shank spacing, bolt-on sweeps, single pt. depth, walking tandems across, Haukaas hyd. folding marker arms, 2-bar spring tine harrow, 9.50-16.5 tires, w/787 commodity cart, 2 compartment, ground drive, hyd. drill fill w/steel flighting, hyd. fan, 23.1-26 cart tires, drill S/N N00730X000380, cart S/NN00787X001093

Great Plains hoe air drill, 31′, 6″ spacing, 3-section fold, (3) towers, twin compartment commodity cart, ground drive, hyd. fan, drill fill auger, Fargo hyd. marker arms, steel press wheels, 16.5-16.1 flotation tires, drill S/NB1056, cart S/N80I334

Bonco strip seeder, 2 pt.



John Deere 9300 press drill, (4) 10′ sections, 6″ spacing, spring down pressure, black packer wheels, mud scrapers, liquid in-furrow, Apollo System, S-tine track wackers, Erskine track wackers, hyd. folding marker arms, 11L-14 tires, S/NN09000X035624

John Deere 9350 press drill, (3) 8′ sections, 6″ spacing, dry fertilizer & seed, black packer wheels, mud scrapers, 11L-14 tires, John Deere drill transport, S/NN09000X042460

John Deere 9350 press drill, (2) 8′ sections, for parts

John Deere 9350 8′ section, for parts



2002 John Deere 1770 conservation planter, 16×30″, 2 pt., mechanical drive, HD down pressure springs, 1.6 bu. hopper, insecticide vacuum, hyd. fold markers, Martin pin adj. trash whippers, John Deere monitor, S/N675664

Massey Ferguson 468 pull-type planter, 6×30″, steel hoppers, folding marker arms, ground drive, S/N1437704019

IHC 400 Cyclo planter, 8-row, for parts



Unverferth 3750 Seed Runner pull-type tri-axle seed tender, 375 bu., twin compartment, 8″ belted conveyor, 180 degree swing, DigiStar 2410 electronic scale, roll tarp, Honda GX340 ES motor, sight glass, 235/80R16 tires, S/ND52460122

Load King seed tender, 20′, twin compartment, 2 hyd. non-plug augers w/downspouts



Salford 570 vertical tillage tool, 41′, 8-wave coulter, HD rubber dampener, 21″ blades, walking tandems across, rolling baskets, single pt. depth, 3-bar harrow, 305/70R22.5 main tires, 5-bolt greaseable hubs, S/N720605

2004 Riteway 4245 land roller, 45′, 42″ drum, rear steer fold, S/N04-680



Wil-Rich Quad 5 field cultivator, 40′, 7″ spacing, edge-on shanks, 9″ sweeps, full floating hitch, walking tandems across, HD plumbed hyd. rear hitch, 4-bar harrow, includes extensions to 50’, not attached

IH 4700 VibraTiller field cultivator, 44′, 6″ spacing, 5-section fold, walking tandems across, 3-bar spring tine harrow, rear hitch w/2 hyd., knock-on shovels, single pt. depth, 9.5L-15 tires on main, 7.60-15 wing tires

1989 John Deere 960 field cultivator, 38-1/2′, 6″ space, walking tandems across, single pt. depth, John Deere 3-bar harrow

John Deere 1010 field cultivator, 40′, 6″ spacing, 3-section fold, walking tandems across, single pt. depth, rear hitch, 3-bar spring tine harrow, 7.60-15 tires



1990 John Deere 680 chisel plow, 38′, 12″ spacing, single pt. depth, walking tandems across, 3-bar harrow, S/N000409

Mel-Cam 9830 chisel plow, 41′, 12″ space, walking tandems across, Raymac NH3 hitch, John Blue nitrolator, 3-bar harrow

Riteway Mel-Cam 9830 Tillmaster chisel plow, 40′, 12″ spacing, 3-section fold, walking tandems across, single pt. depth, double spring shank, 4″ beavertail shovels, Flexi-Coil 4-bar spring tine harrow, 9.5L-15 tires

IHC 55 chisel plow, 28′, 12″ spacing, 3-section fold, 4″ beavertail, double spring shank, single pt. depth, John Blue NH3, rear hitch, 7.5-15 tires, 3-bar spring tine harrow

IHC 55 chisel plow, 11-1/2′, 12″ spacing, rear hitch



Wishek FD336HD tandem disc, 36′, 9″ space, rock flex, 21″ cone blades, HD tandem duals, Gates HD 3-bar harrow, S/N1998336

Ezee-On HD tandem disc, 35′, 9″ space, rock flex, 24″ blades, tandem duals across

Pull-type tandem disc, 36′, 9″ spacing, 3-section fold, single pt. depth, rock cushion gangs, mud scrapers, tandems across, 11L-15 tires

Pull-type tandem disc, 13′, 6″ spacing, mud scrapers

Hi-Co tandem disc, 6′, 7″ spacing, 3 pt., notched discs



Case-IH crumbler, 42′, hyd. fold, ext. pole, spring roller, light pkg., S/NFH0001637

Summers harrow, 48′, 5-bar spring tine, spring down pressure, adj. pitch, 9.5L-15 tires, S/NT0312

(4) Rolin Mfg. 8′ harrow sections, 3-section S-tine, single bar spring tine harrow, hyd. lift

IHC 800 plow, 11×18″, auto reset, land hitch, tandem center lift, S/N1050000U001736

IHC 700 plow, 7×16″, auto reset, land hitch, S/N105000U002622

John Deere 145 plow, 4×16″, 2 pt., S/N112497

IH pull-type plow, 4×14″, on land hitch

Plow, 3 bottom, 3 pt.



TFI 1063 One Pass Pickett bean & rod weeder, 6×30″, 3 pt., hyd. drive, rubber susp., rear stabilizer wheels, center delivery, 6.70-15 pivoting rear tires, 915 rod weeder S/NTF1B4096, 1063 rod weeder S/NTFIW4204

Lilliston 6200 bean combine, 6′ pickup, 1000 PTO, hi-Cap, 11.25-24 tires, S/N12-00054

Pickett One Step bean rod



John Deere 400 rotary hoe, 41′, flat fold, single wheel lift assist, cab guard, gauge

wheels, S/N3817

Krause 4600 row crop cultivator, 16×30″, 3 pt., hyd. fold, edge-on coil shanks, hyd. flat fold, gauge wheels, disc stabilizer wheels, pin adj. gauge wheels, S/N2742

Krause 4600 cultivator, 8×30″, 3 pt., edge on coil shank, disc stabilizer wheels, pin adj. gauge wheels

Dakon row crop cultivator, 8×30″, 3 pt., S-tines



1979 Chevrolet C70 twin screw tandem, Cheyenne tilt hood cab, 427 V8, Eaton 10 spd., hyd. brakes, diff lock, twin fuel tanks, 20′ Buffalo steel box, hoist, roll tarp, combo gate, 10.00-20 tires, shows 70,197 miles

1975 Chevrolet C65 Ridewell lift tag tandem, Custom Deluxe, 427 V8, 5&2 spd., tilt hood, single tank, 22′ Buffalo box, hoist, roll tarp, combo gate, 10.00-20 tires, shows 44,303 miles

1970 Chevrolet C50 single axle, Goodwrench 350 drop-in V8, 4&2 spd., twin fuel tanks, plumbed for drill fill, 16′ Red River box, hoist, combo gate, 9.00-20 tires, shows 22,531 miles

1965 Chevrolet C60 single axle, 6 cyl., 4 spd., 11′ stake box, hoist, 10.00-22.5 tires, shows 30,070 miles

1961 GMC 4000 single axle, V6 gas engine, 4&2 spd., spring ride, 13-1/2’x94″ steel hyd. dump box, 8.25-20 rear duals, does not run

1975 Chevrolet C65 single axle, V8 gas engine, 5&2 spd., 12’x92″ 9-door service body w/rear door & storage, mounted vise, 6’x4’x4′ fuel service tank, 9.00-20 rear duals, does not run, shows 96,450 miles

Ford F7 single axle water truck, flathead V8 gas engine, manual, spring ride, 13′ wood deck, approx. 1,000 gal. fiberglass tank, Briggs 5 hp. transfer pump, 8.25-20 rear duals, shows 78,496 miles, does not run

1970 Ford 700 single axle cab over water truck, Custom cab, gas, 5&2 spd., 18’x96″ 2,300 gal. Pleasure Products fiberglass tank, 40 gal. mix cone, shows 181,730 miles



1998 Chevrolet 2500, Silverado, ext. cab, long box, 6.5L diesel, automatic, 4WD, cloth interior, power locks/windows, Century fiberglass topper, 233,647 miles

1996 Chevrolet Silverado Club Cab, ext. cab, 5.0L, automatic, 4WD, cloth bucket seats, power windows/locks, 6-1/2′ box, 245/75R16 tires on aluminum rims, shows 168,291 miles

1994 Chevrolet 1500, Silverado, ext. cab, short box, 6.5L diesel, automatic, 4WD, cloth interior, power locks/windows, tonneau box cover, 392,511 miles

1987 GMC High Sierra 1500, reg. cab, 350 V8, automatic, 4WD, shows 109,609 miles

1977 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe, 1/2 ton, reg. cab, 350 V8, automatic, 2WD, shows 52,511 miles

1990 Ford F350 single axle, diesel, automatic, 12’x94″ box, rollup door, slide-in ramp, 215/85R16 rear duals, shows 16,690 miles



1982 Oldsmobile Toronado, 2-door, Landau top, shows 29,642 miles

1980 Chevrolet Suburban, 350 automatic, 4WD, cloth interior, cargo doors, shows 56,140 miles



Shop-built single axle bumper hitch hyd. dump box trailer, 10’x7′, spring ride, 8.25-20 tires, No Title

Shop-built single axle pull-type trailers, (1) 7’x4′, wood construction, 6.00-16 tires, No Title, (1) 8’x54″, wood deck, No Title

Single axle boat trailer, 12′, torsion spring ride



Melroe 216 Spra-Coupe self-propelled sprayer, Volkswagen gas engine, 4 spd., cab, 58′ boom, 20″ spacing, triple nozzles, 200 gal. poly tank, SED 948 auto rate controller, front hitch, adj. rear axle, 11L-15 front tires, 31×13.5×15 rear tires, 1,541 hrs., S/N2166090-87

Melroe 216 Spra-Coupe, 50′ boom, liquid cooled, 200 gal. poly tank, adj. axles, aux. lights, 884 hrs.

Willmar Super 600 pull-type fertilizer spreader, narrow track, 540 PTO single spreader, ground drive, SS chain, 16.5-16.1 flotation tires

Willmar 500 tandem axle fertilizer spreader, 5 ton, double spinner, roll tarp, 540 PTO

Dempster pull-type chemical caddy, 1,000 gal. fiberglass tank, hyd. agitation pump, ground drive, HD 4-wheel running gear, 16.5-16.1 tires

Blumhardt liquid fertilizer caddy, approx. 1,000 gal. poly tank, on 4-wheel cart



1,000 gal. NH3 tank, on 4-wheel running gear



Rowse Double 9 tandem sickle mowers, 540 PTO, mechanical transport

IH 1100 pull-type sickle mower, 9’x3″ cut, hyd. lift, 540 PTO

Westward RT9 wheel rake, 9-wheel, hyd. pitch, pin adj. swing, S/N1459

Westward RT 7-9 wheel rake, 9-wheel, hyd. pitch, pin adj. swing, S/N310192

4-wheel hay trailer, 16’x8′, wood deck

Bale carrier, 3 pt.



Alloway flail shredder, 21′, 3 pt., 1000 PTO, J-knife/D-ring, rear stabilizer wheels, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N12618

Alloway stalk shredder, 21′, 3 pt., 1000 PTO, J-hook w/D-rings, rear stabilizer wheels, 9.5L-15 tires, front PTO shaft missing, S/N23020



Super B AS10000 grain dryer, continuous flow, 1 phase, auto moisture control, auto cooling, 1,000,000 BTU burn, 10 hp. blower motors, 7-1/2 hp. auger motors, shows 8,847 hrs.

Kwik Kleen grain cleaner, 7-tube, discharge auger, (3) sets of screens, 10 hp. 1 phase motor

Convey-All TC1085 belted conveyor, 85’x10″, 540 PTO, hyd. lift, on transport

Westfield MK100-87 low pro swing hopper auger, 87’x10″, 540 PTO, (2) auger hopper, hyd. lift on transport, 205/65R15 tires, S/N92293

Westfield MK100-61 low pro swing hopper auger, 61’x10″, 540 PTO, hyd. lift, single auger hopper, 235/75R15 tires, on transport, S/N122643

Hutchinson PTO auger, 61’x10″

Sheyenne GS20 grain auger, 51’x8″, 10 hp. 1 phase motor

Westfield J208-46 loadout auger, 46’x8″, 10 hp. 1 phase motor

Loadout auger, 41’x6″, gas engine, on transport

Westfield J208-31 loadout auger, 31’x8″, 10 hp., 1 phase, w/starter

Westfield TFX2 80-31 loadout auger, 31’x8″, GX Honda 390 ES motor, S/N239611

Westgo loadout auger, 31’x8″, 10 hp. 1 phase motor

Wheatheart hyd. jump auger, 10″



(3) Bader steel hopper bins, 2,000 bu., Caldwell air fans, 1 phase, 14′ diameter, non-skid bottom, Bin #9, #10, #11

Friesen 1417 CE hopper bin, 2,000 bu., Caldwell air fan, 1 phase, 5 hp., skids, S/N21327

Behlen 2,000 bu. & 1,250 bu. hopper bins, non-skid



John Deere 650 pull-type scraper, 6 yd., hyd. dump, front dolly wheel, S/N000390

Haybuster H-106 rockpicker, high lift, hyd. tine rake, flotation tires, S/N922335

Mid-Dak fork-style rockpicker, hyd. high lift dump, 16.5-16.1 tires, S/NAA0993

(2) Harley tandem axle rockpickers, hyd. dump, 540 PTO, Model A

Harley 20’ rock windrower

1978 Crown hyd. rotary rockpicker, 3-bat, backstop, S/N4164

Rotary rock windrower, 19′, 540 PTO



Woods 315 pull-type mower, 20′, hyd. fold, 540 PTO, safety chain, spring rear susp.

Woods B320 pull-type mower, 14′, single wing fold, 540 PTO, safety chain, weight box

Farm King SB 960 snowblower, 8′, 3 pt., 1000 PTO, hyd. chute control, S/N722183

Buhler Farm King 9600 snowblower, 8′, 3 pt., 540 PTO, hyd. chute control, S/N9042904

Melroe 403 pull-type yard drag, 10′, 5-bar spring tine harrow

Swisher Sweepster self-propelled walk-behind shop sweeper, Briggs Vanguard 6-1/2 hp. gas engine, 24″ poly broom

4-wheel running gear, w/wood deck & steel tank

3 pt. dump box, Cat 1

3 pt. trencher V-plow, 18″, Cat 1

Deyong DG6NR silent diesel generator, 120/240/110v, 12v DC, remote start, digital display



John Deere F525 lawn tractor, 3-wheel front mount, PA540A gas engine, 48″ deck, HST, 362 hrs., condition unknown, S/NMOF525A195188

Craftsman 7000 Pro Series lawn tractor, Kohler Courage 22 hp. gas engine, 36″ deck, HST, unknown hrs. or condition

Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mower, 22″ deck, Briggs 625 Series 190cc gas engine, rear discharge, mulch kit

Yardman self-propelled push mower, 21″ deck, OHV 173cc gas engine, rear discharge

DR push string trimmer, Briggs 675E Series gas engine, electric start

Shop-built pull-type yard sprayer, 90″ boom, 18″ spacing, 20 gal. poly tank, single nozzle, 12v pump

John Deere 1032 self-propelled walk-behind snowblower, 32″, Briggs Intek gas engine, 5F/1R, electric start, manual spout

Cub Cadet 528SW self-propelled walk-behind snowblower, 28″, 277cc gas engine, 6 spd., cable spout, independent wheel drive



Sylvan aluminum fishing boat, 16′, console steer, full windshield, 5-seats, Mercury 50 hp. 2-stroke engine, Humminbird Wide 128 fish finder, Mercury Thruster Plus trolling motor, EZ-Loader single axle roller trailer, 165/80R13 tires, S/NSYL03574M82G

Starcraft fiberglass boat, 14’ tri-haul, windshield. 6-seats, 65 hp. Evinrud, Trailcraft single axle trailer, 175/80R13 tires, w/spare

Shop-built bumper hitch fish house, 10’x8′, slide off frame, on transport



(2) Approx. 8,000 gal. upright fuel tanks

(2) 6,500 gal. upright fuel tanks, inspection cover, bottom fill, w/Gasboy pumps

(3) 2,000 gal. diesel fuel tanks, w/Gasboy pumps

500 gal. poly pickup bed tank

200 gal. & 100 gal. fuel tanks w/12v pumps

Approx. 200 gal. fuel tank, gravity flow, stand is bent

1,250 gal. poly tank

(2) 1,000 gal. LP tanks



Set of 18.4-38 band duals, for John Deere 8820 combine

Set of 18.4-38 band duals, for Allis Chalmers 7040



John Deere 5020 fenders

Set of John Deere rear fenders

PTO wire winder

Antique wood cutting buzz saw, belt driven

Approx. 150-200 pallets of shop & farm support items



(2) 2013 Worldwide Steel Buildings, (1) 50’x48’x18′, (1) 30’x48’x10′, never setup, stored inside, New



Calvin Schlenker PR, 701.320.189…

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