1,153.9 +/- acres – perkins county, sd

Pifer's Auction & Realty

23 October, 2020 11:00 am

Driving Directions:

To Parcels 1 & 2:

From Hettinger, ND: Drive 4.5 miles south on Hwy. #75. Parcel 2 is located on the east side of the highway.  Parcel 1 is accessible by the section line road that trails on the north side of Parcel 2 towards the east for ½ mile.


To Parcels 3 & 4:

From Hettinger, ND: Drive 7 miles south on Hwy. #75 to Lyle Rd.  Follow Lyle Rd to the west for 1 mile, north for ½ mile, then back to the west for 1 mile.  Parcel 3 will be on the north side of the road.  From the southeast corner of Parcel 3, follow the gravel road south for 1 mile to the northeast corner of Parcel 4.

 15th Annual Western Dakota Land Auction

1,153.9 +/- Acres – Perkins County, SD

Friday, October 23, 2020 – 11:00 a.m. (MT)


Auction Location: Hettinger Armory – Hettinger, ND


Auction Note: The Robert Opheim family property is an exceptionally diverse property that offers incredibly productive soils within the cropland, prolific native and introduced grasses within the hay land and grazing land, and winding creeks and draws that provide luxurious habitat for wildlife in the North Grand River Valley that stretchs through this portion of Perkins County.  The entire property has good access and is only a few miles from Hettinger, North Dakota.  This property has been very well-managed for the past few years under the care of the current tenant yet is not under a lease agreement for 2021.


Contact:  Andy Mrnak at 701.206.1095 or Pifer’s Auction & Realty at 877.700.4099 for more information and a complete catalog.



Parcel 1:

Acres:  160 +/-

Legal: SE¼  21-23-12

FSA Cropland: 126.57 +/- 

This extremely productive parcel is nestled just south of the ND/SD state line east of Hwy. #75.  With over 126 acres of cropland with a Soil Productivity Index (SPI) of 74.9, Parcel 1 offers productive rolling cropland with an impressive 2020 corn crop and an abundance of wildlife habitat along the creek beds.  This multi-purpose quarter offers a large and small game hunting atmosphere with excellent opportunities for a positive return on investment.




Parcel 2:

Acres:  313.9 +/- 

Legal: N½  28-23-12

FSA Cropland: 272.45 +/- 

With a SPI of 70.4, Parcel 2 is also an extremely productive parcel of over 85% cropland.  Parcels 1 and 2 of this offering are contiguous and share many of the same productivity and recreational attributes, yet, Parcel 2 offers direct access to Hwy. #75 and could offer additional development potential in the future.  Parcel 2 was also planted to corn in 2020 and the winding creek beds offer exceptional upland bird habitat in an area noted for its premier pheasant hunting in South Dakota.



Parcel 3:

Acres:  160 +/-

Legal: S ½S½  36-23-11

FSA Cropland: 154.46 +/- 

Parcel Note: This is an extremely productive long quarter of cropland with an SPI of 63.3.  Parcel 3 boasts with an impressive corn crop on this quarter of nearly 100% cropland with excellent access along Lyle Rd.  Parcel 3 lays in the flat bottom of this valley that surrounds the North Fork of the Grand River.



Parcel 4:

Acres:  520+/- 

Legal: N½, SW¼, SW¼SE¼  12-22-11

FSA Cropland: 326.28 +/- 

Pasture Acres: 151.34 +/- 

The largest parcel of the offering is yet one of the most diverse tracts of the auction.  Over 326 +/- acres average an SPI of 53.7 and have been utilized as prolific hay land with a secondary option of exceptional grazing or fall turn-in bonus feeding.  The southern portion of Parcel 4 also offers a quaint 150+ acre pasture with a stock dam and perimeter fence.  


OWNER: Robert Opheim Family


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