grand forks area equipment & truck auction

Resource Auction

21 February, 2024 5:44 pm

INSECTION LOCATIONS: Please note some items will be outdoors at the Alerus Center, 1200 S. 42nd St, Grand Forks, ND (Just off I-29); Other items will be at various sellers’ locations.  This information will be posted in the bidding catalog coming soon.






INSECTION LOCATIONS: Please note some items will be outdoors at the Alerus Center, 1200 S. 42nd St, Grand Forks, ND (Just off I-29); Other items will be at various sellers’ locations.  This information will be posted in the bidding catalog coming soon.


ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS- We will accept consignments until July 22nd; all items must be contracted and delivered to the Alerus Center or contracted for sale at seller’s location by 4 PM, July 22nd.


SPECIAL NOTES:  All items must be removed from the Alerus Center by August 8th at 1pm- loading dock on site.  Items must be picked up at individual seller sites by August 11th.


ONLINE BIDDING- Please register in advance to bid online by visiting







*2001 Case IH STX440 Quad Trac belted ag tractor, power shift, 4 hyd w/ power beyond & return, Trimble auto guidance w/ FM750 display, EZ Pilot steering kit & receiver, leather int, 30” belts- good rubber, 5140 hrs, SN#JEE0097888

*2005 Case IH Magnum MX255 MFWD, power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 5 hyd w/ power beyond & return, guidance ready, leather int, front weights, 380/80R50 rear duals, 380/85R34 front duals, 8500 hrs, SN#JAZ136630

*1998 New Holland 8870 MFWD, power shift, Super steer, 3pt, 1000 PTO, 4 hyd, 14.9-30 fronts, 14.9-46 rear duals, 10890 hrs, SN#D416984

*1997 Caterpillar Challenger 85D belted ag tractor, 1000 PTO, 4 hyd w/ power beyond, 30” belts, cast drivers, rear weights, SN#4GR00730

*1990 Case IH 9170 4WD, power shift, Cummins engine 350hp, 4 hyd, 20.8-38 triples w/ scrapers, 9626 hrs showing, SN#JCB0005980

*1983 JD 8650 4WD, quad range, 3 hyd, 520/85R38 Michelin tires & duals- good rubber, 7700 hrs

*1976 IHC 1566 Farmall, CAH, 1000 PTO, 2 hyd, 20.8-38 rear tires, clean, 6301 hrs showing, dual hubs & rims, no tires, SN#2650125U011806

*Late model Allied 595 self leveling loader, model X55953, 7’ quick attach bkt w/ mounts for narrow frame JD – 4430, 4440, 4450 etc. like new

*Koyker K-5 loader w/ mounts for Case 970, 1070



*Trimble EZ Pilot steering kit w/ CIH Steiger or Magnum adapter, new in 2018

*JD Brown box w/ SF2 keycard, SN#PCGU020215317

*Surface Water Pro Plus I-grade ditching setup, activation will be transferred out of 2630 display

*Case IH Pro 700 display

*JD Brown box display 

*JD Starfire receiver 

*JD ITC receiver

*Misc mounting brackets for globes & screens



*2011 JD 9770STS, contour master, bin ext, fine cut chopper, single pt hookups, Y/M ready- less display, 20.8R42 duals, large rear rubber, 2825 eng hrs, SN#1H09770SLA0741090

*2009 New Holland CR9070, lateral tilt fdr, rock trap, bin ext, Mav chopper, Y/M, Intelliview display, 520/85R42 duals, 2096 sep, 2566 eng hrs, SN#Y9G112309

*2006 Case IH AFX8010, Field Tracker, rock trap, chopper, 21’ unloading auger, AFS Y/M w/ guidance, Pro 700 display, extended wear elevator, 520/85R42 duals, 1785 sep, 2763 eng, SN#HAJ106482

*2006 JD 9760STS, contour master, fine cut chopper, bullet rotor, single pt hookups, bin ext, Y/M ready, 2600 display- no receiver, 900/32 drive tires, 2728 sep, 3866 eng hrs, SN#1H09760S716824

*2006 Case IH 2388, hyd reverser, rock trap, chopper, Y/M monitor, 20.8-42 duals, 3150 eng hrs, SN#HAJ295836

*2002 JD 9750STS RWD combine, contour master, single pt hookup, field monitor, LED lights, Lankota hitch, 20.8-42 duals, 28L-26 rear tires, 2747 sep, 3883 eng hrs, SN#H9750S695976

*1997 Case IH 2188, rock trap, chopper, 30.5-32 drive tires, 3635 sep, 4839 eng hrs, SN#JJC0193747

*1996 Case IH 2188, Field Tracker, hyd reverser, rock trap, chopper, bin ext, 30.5-32 drive tires, 4802 eng hrs, SN#JJC0193698

*1996 Case IH 2188, rock trap, chopper, AFS Y/M monitor, bin ext, 30.5-32 drive tires, 4725 sep, 5900 eng hrs, SN#JJC0192014

*1998 Agco Gleaner R72, Cummins engine, var spd fdr, Ag Leader Y/M, chopper, 30.5-32 drive tires, 3020 sep hrs, SN#R7278077

*1998 JD 9610, DAM, DAS, HHC, F/A, Maurer bin ext, chopper, 30.5×32 drive tires, very low hrs on new bars & concave, other repairs, only 2740 sep, 3750 eng hrs, kept indoors, SN#H09610X676514

*1994 JD 9600, DAM, DAS, HHC,F/A, Maurer bin ext, fine cut chopper, chaff spreader, 900-32 deep lug tires, well maintained, kept indoors, 3730 sep, 5700 eng hrs, SN#H09600X657466

*1990 JD 9600, DAM, DAS, HHC, F/A, chaff spreader, fine cut chopper, Maurer HD hopper topper, reel spd control, 20’ unload auger, 1 season on new rasp bars, 30.5L32 drive tires, set up to run 600 series Hydraflex or older heads, 4886 sep, 6806 eng hrs, SN#H09600X636518

*Case IH 1682 PT combine w/ Sund pkp & slotted dry bean concaves, SN#X08135X



*2014 Macdon FD75-S 30’ flex draper w/ 6 batt finger reel, AWS air bar, 3” cut, F/A, gauge wheels, late model Agco Gleaner adapter, low acres, SN#264030-14

*2010 Case IH 2162 35’ flex draper w/ AHHC, F/A, 3” cut & slow speed transport, single owner, very clean

*Case IH 2162 40’ flex draper w/ slow spd transport, flagship adapter, 3” cut, F/A, $10000 in repairs last 2 harvest seasons, including $500 on wobble box, work orders available

*2011 Case IH 3020 35’ flex head w/ new sickle, good guards, auger fingers & guides, poly, reel teeth & bushings, SN#YBZL56477

*2010 JD 635F 35’ flex head w/ AWS wind bar & single pt hookup, SN#1H00535FAA0735899

*2010 JD 635F 35’ Hydraflex head w/ new sickle, good guards, new auger fingers & guides, good poly, reel teeth & bushings, SN#737728

*2008 JD 635F 35’ Hydraflex head w/ new sickle, good guards, new auger fingers & guides, good poly, reel teeth & bushings, SN#726060

*JD 630F 30’ Hydraflex head, full poly finger auger, hyd F/A, low dam cutter bar, small grain & poly row crop end dividers, stubble lights, set up for 9600, Hydraflex is currently in locked up position for cutting grain, good poly, sickle & guards, SN#H00630F707316

*JD 625F 25’ Hydraflex head w/ Crary air reel, Schumacher sickle & HeadSight, set up for 9600/9610, SN#H00625F710853

*2013 Elmers Crop Master 30’ dry bean pkp head, less than 1500 acres, like new condition, JD adapter, VIN#14685

*JD 12R22 corn head, GVL poly snouts, Calmer chopping rollers- excellent condition, less than 1000 acres on deck plates, gathering chains & sprockets

*2008 Geringhoff Roto-disk 8R30 chopping corn head w/ row sense, Head Sight, brackets for 60, 70, 80 series JD combines, 800 acres on complete recon at MW Corn Heads, low acres, single owner, SN#92438830/B

*Case IH 2208 8R30 corn head w/ hyd deck plates, stainless steel inlays & 88 series hookups, SN#CBJ032486

*1999 Agco Gleaner 830 8R30 hugger corn head, steel dividers, fluted rolls, SN#083025570

*IH 12R22 corn head, GVL poly snouts, knife rolls, tall corn end shield, 800 series gear boxes & row units, spare parts & manual

*JD 8R22 corn head, GVL poly snouts, 40 series row units w/ fluted rolls, tall corn end shields, adapter for CIH mid range combine, manual, SN#JD518898

*Gerringhoff Northstar 8R30 corn head, single point hookups, knife rolls & hyd deck plates, gray poly, late model Agco Gleaner adapter

*Case IH 1010 25’ rigid head w/ U2 finger reel, 3” cut & F/A, kept indoors, SN#JJC0127538 

*Case IH 1083 8R30 corn head w/ steel dividers, knife rolls & high tin

*Case IH 1010 30’ rigid head w/ factory finger reel, 3” cut & F/A

*Case IH 1010 30’ head w/ 2 Elmers 14’ dry bean pkps

*Universal UH-30 30’ dry bean head w/ 2- 14’ Sund pkps, JD single pt hookup, low acres

*MF 8R30 converted corn head, fits JD, used on 9860

*JD 212 6 belt pkp head w/ single pt hookup

*JD 912 6 belt pkp head w/ single pt hookup



*Unused America 2045 45’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 2042 42’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 2040 40’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 845 45’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 838 38’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*2) Unused America 441 41’ 6-wheel header trailers

*2) Unused America 440 40’ 6-wheel header trailers

*Unused America 435 35’ 6-wheel header trailer

*Single header trailers

*2-wheel header trailer



*2013 Volvo VNM42T200 day cab, Volvo VED13, 375HP, FRO-14210B trans, air ride susp, 3.42 ratio, dual alum tanks, horizontal exhaust, quarter fenders, air slide 5th, 170 WB, 11R22.5 tires, fleet maintained, rust free, 466000 actual miles

*2013 Volvo VMN42T200 day cab, Volvo VED13, 375HP, FRO-14210B trans, air ride susp, 3.42 ratio, dual alum fuel tanks, horizontal exhaust, quarter fenders, air slide 5th, 170 WB, 11R22.5 tires, fleet maintained, rust free, 579000 actual miles

*2013 Mack Pinnacle CXU613 day cab, Mack MP7, engine brake, Mack Mdrive 12 spd trans, air ride susp, air slide 5th, alum tank, 185 WB, 10 alum wheels, full fenders, fleet maintained, 564000 miles showing

*2011 Peterbilt 387 day cab, Cummins ISX eng, Eaton Fuller 10 spd trans, jake brake, alum wheels, fleet maintained- last minute addition, check back for details

*2011 Peterbilt 387 day cab, Cummins ISX15 eng, 400hp, Eaton Fuller 10 spd, jake brake, air ride susp, 2:64 ratio, 192 WB, alum wheels, direct from Walmart fleet, fleet maintained, never smoked in, California truck, 584390 miles

*3) 2009 Peterbilt 367 day cabs, Cat C13 engines, 10 spd, dual air cleaners, dual exhaust, PTO’s- last minute additions, check back for details

*2011 International Transtar 8600 day cab, MaxxForce 13, Eaton Fuller 10 spd, air ride susp, 12000lb front, 40000lb rears, 183 WB, rust free California truck, 327000 actual miles

*2006 Peterbilt 378 day cab, Cat C13 eng, 10 spd, jake brake, dual exhaust- last minute addition, check back for details

*2005 Peterbilt 379 factory day cab, Cat C13, 430/470hp,10 spd, jake brake, flex air air ride, dual air cleaner, dual exhaust, 210 WB, alum wheels- Title states previous damage

*2013 Volvo VNM day cab, 10 spd trans, PTO, white in color, super singles, 382454 miles showing

*2011 Peterbilt 384 day cab, 10 spd trans, white in color, alum outer wheels, steel disc inner wheels, 646000 miles showing

*2010 Mack Pinnacle day cab, 10 spd trans, wet kit, red in color, alum outer wheels, steel disc inner wheels, 788240 miles showing



*1997 Peterbilt 378 cab & chassis, set back front axle, Cat C12 engine, 9 spd trans, 262” WB, set up for 20’ box or tender, 11R22.5 rear tires, 380 fronts, steel disk wheels, very good rubber, 977971 miles showing

*1979 Chev C-60 tandem twin screw, 427, 5/2 air shifter, fiberglass tilt hood, 10.00-20 tires, 19’ Buffalo box, twin hoist & roll tarp, tarp needs to be replaced, only 36720 miles showing, new carburetor & other recent work, miles believed actual

*1973 Chev C65 tandem twin screw, 427, 5/4, air brakes, 19’ steel box, pintle hitch, hyd plumbed to rear, 87120 miles

*1973 Chev C70 w/ service body, 5 spd, 500 gal fuel tank w/ PTO pump, 45412 miles showing

*1972 Mack R-685 tandem twin screw cab & chassis, Gold Bulldog, Mack 237 engine, 5 spd Mack trans, Mack differentials, 248” open frame length, 146” cab to trunion



*2016 Neville 38.5’ aluminum hopper bottom trailer, ag hoppers, elec tarp w/ remote & tarp savers, 11R22.5 tires & alum wheels 

*2009 Wilson Pacesetter 41’ alum hopper bottom trailer, 66” sides, ag hoppers, air ride, alum wheels, front & rear ladders, roll tarp

*2009 Dakota 41’ aluminum hopper bottom trailer, 66” sides, ag hoppers, spring ride, roll tarp recently replaced, outside alum wheels 

*1995 Wheeler 30’ hopper bottom trailer w/ elec roll tarp & traps, nearly new tarp, 65” sides w/ tip top, spring ride, side chutes

*1994 Jet grain hopper trailer w/ 2 compartments, side chutes, new roll tarp, 11R24.5 tires & steel disk wheels

*2000 Trail Blazer S-4202 tandem axle belly dump gravel trailer, 22 yd capacity, 11R24.5 tires, DOT spring 2020

*1992 Midland triple axle belly dump gravel trailer, 24 yd capacity, 11R22.5 tires, DOT spring 2020

*1998 Circle triple axle side dump, 34’ tub, 11R24.5 tires, DOT 2019

*Older hopper bottom grain trailer, landing gear & tarp need repair



*DMI 5250 NutriPlacer 52’ NH3 applicator w/ Raven cold flow, hyd tank winch & 5 section fold, walking tandems around & wing gauge wheels

*Summers 66’ 3pt sprayer w/ Raven 203 controller, SN#T1192

*StorKing model HTF-18 seed tender, SN#9468

*Westfield drill fill w/ poly flighting

– The Following Units were intended for our recent Enduraplas online auction but were not shipped in time, please note these are all old stock units, used as demos.

*Enduraplas 100 gallon 3pt sprayer w/ cast iron pump, no boom, SN#195539

*Enduraplas 250 gallon liquid deicing sprayer, no boom, SN#217361

*Enduraplas 200 gallon tree sprayer, SN#148596

*Enduraplas 55 gallon Gold Series UTV sprayer w/ hose reel, SN#216976

*Enduraplas 250 gal Pro Master sprayer w/ elec hose reel, SN#205701

*Enduraplas 60 gallon Field Boss 365 sprayer, SN#195505

*Enduraplas 100 gallon Field Boss Ecolite sprayer, SN#181863

*Enduraplas 150 gallon Field sprayer w/ hose reel, SN#N/A

*Enduraplas 250 gallon Pro Master 580 sprayer w/ manual hose reel, SN#208039

*Enduraplas 300’ roll, 600 PSI, ½” PVC hose, SN#N/A



*2010 Alloway Topmaster RD180 8R22 beet topper, 1000 PTO, front drum cup knives, 2nd & 3rd row rubber, disk scalpers, rear steering w/ row finder, hyd lift w/ rear adjustment, SN#3159

*2012 Elmers BC1222 12R22 front mount edible bean knife, excellent knives, less than 1500 acres, kept indoors, SN#102402

*Pickett 8R22 One Step bean cutter/ windrower w/ hyd drive, cushion gang w/ front divider, SN#96-273

*IHC 500 Cyclo 12R30 planter w/ 2pt hitch, 3 section fold, new style seed boots w/ elec seed monitor, PTO pump, drums for soybean & sunflower, guide row ripper & old style boot take offs, kept indoors

*King 12R30 cultivator w/ 3 section fold (can be bolted solid), guide row rippers, kept indoors

*Harristion 2010 8R potato cultivator, 3 section fold, disk hillers & gauge wheels

*Alloway 8R30 cultivator



*Wilrich Quad X 42’ field cultivator, 5 sect fold, single pt depth control, walking tandems around, castering gauge wheels, 4 bar harrow & packer hitch, SN#454774

*JD 680 38’ chisel plow w/ Summers 3 bar harrow, 3 section fold, walking tandems around, single point depth control

*Flexicoil 300 35’ chisel plow w/ Summers 106 3 bar heavy harrow, 3 section fold, SN#BA00000-L042122

*Riteway 6058 60’ harrow packer w/ down pressure springs, new hinges 2 yrs ago, SN#98-63215

*2012 Summers 72’ Heavy Tine Super Harrow Plus, 23” tines, manual down pressure, auto fold, SN#L1415

*Summers 50’ Heavy Tine Super Harrow, auto fold, used very little, SN#F1348

*Flexicoil 40’ S-tine harrow packer w/ good shovels, several new tires, new hinges 2 yrs ago, SN#STA0000-K036201

*Summers 40’ coil packer, used very little, SN#M0750

*Riteway 46’ coil packer

*IH 4500 38’ cultivator w/ walking tandems, 3 section fold, SN#0250292600

*Hutchmaster 20’disk w/ 22” disks, rigid frame

*JD 1600 24’ chisel plow, rigid shanks, 3 section fold & harrow

*JD 1000 28’ cultivator, 3 section fold & harrow

*Summers 52’ 5 bar harrow w/down pressure springs

*JD 400 20’ rotary hoe 

*IH 700 7 bottom plow

*JD 3100 5 & 6 bottom plow hooked in tandem

*JD single shank subsoiler w/ Mole ball & 3pt mount, like new

*Melroe 403 5 section harrow



*2016 Brandt Grain Belt 1547 LPGB conveyor w/ hyd self contained mover, 26.5 HP EFI motor, like new, SN#11795216

*Rem 3700 grain vac w/ fldg discharge auger, tubes, hoses & clean up kit, only 531 hrs, SN#3700-1060

*Westward (Macdon) 3000 30’ PT swather w/ auto fold

*Case IH 725 25’ PT auto fold swather w/ batt reel

*JD 590 25’ auto fold PT swather, U2 alum finger reel, SN#E00590A959603

*Brandt 1370 13 x 70 swing hopper auger, SN#8051006

*Westfield MK100-61 10 x 61 auger w/ swing hopper, 540 PTO

*Westfield J210-41 10×41 PTO auger w/ elec moto mounts, SN#139344

*Westfield 7 x 41 auger w/ gas engine

*Westfield W80-51 PTO auger

*Westfield 606-36 auger, no motor

*Versatile 8 x 55 auger w/ 540 PTO

*Westgo 8 x 50 auger w/ 10hp elec motor

*Alloway 1320 auger

*Lowry 1000BU hopper on wheels

*Hyd drive jump auger

*IH 18’ PT swather



*2005 Volvo L60E wheel loader, cab w/ a/c & heat, good rubber, only 3695 hrs showing, SN#L60EV60688 

*1994 Caterpillar D4H Series III LGP dozer, 11’ 6 way blade, 30” track shoes, ROPS cab w/ heat, good glass 7027 hrs showing, SN#9GJ01011

*1996 Caterpillar IT 28F wheel loader, CAH, forward & 3 reverse gears, quick attach, aux hyd, Balderson 96” bkt w/ 2 cyl grapple, 20.5-25 L3 matching tires, 12675 hrs showing, good running machine

*Caterpillar quick attach 48” wheel loader forks, 60” wide carriage, fits IT 28F & other models

*Rockland HD 72” wheel loader forks, JRB style quick attach, 94” wide carriage

*1977 Clark Michigan 175B wheel loader, cab, 4 spd shuttle shift, Cummins engine, 10’ bucket, 26.5-25 tires, SN#438C260C

*2000 Bobcat 753G  diesel/ hydro skid steer, ROPS cab w/ heat, hand controls, GP bkt, 4935 hrs showing, SN#515835297

*Otis 4000lb gas forklift, good starter

*Shop built HD 3pt forklift w/ Hyster mast

*Unused Stout 66-9 brush/grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout HD72-3 rock/grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused double tine bale spear w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused tree & post puller w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused 74” dirt bucket w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused 72” rock bucket w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*3) Unused 5500LB 48” walk through pallet forks w/ skid steer quick attach & premium powder coat finish

*4) Unused HD solid weld on quick attach skid steer plates 

*2) Unused receiver plate trailer movers w/ premium powder coated paint finish

*8) Unused snow pushers w/ skid steer quick attach

*3) Unused America tree/post pullers w/ skid steer quick attach

*3) Unused Skid steer buckets w/ quick attach



*Leon model 1000 10 yd push off field scraper, SN#750210

*Unused America 120R 12’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 140R 14’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 160R 16’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 10F 10’ heavy duty box blade/killifer w/ hyd tilt

*Unused America 12F 12’ heavy duty box blade/killifer w/ hyd tilt

*Unused America F12 12’ box blade/killifer

*Unused America F10 10’ box blade/killifer

*Unused TMG Industrial 86” hyd skid steer dozer blade

*JD 215 10’ 3pt blade, 17” deep, hyd angle & tilt, Cat 2 & 3 hitch, very good cutting edge

*9’ hyd dozer attachment for large 2WD or medium MFWD tractors

*Woods 1260 10’ batwing mower w/ large 1000 PTO, airplane tires & stump jumpers

*Unused America 12’ rotary mower 

*Kodiak 5’ 3pt mower, medium duty, SN#197335

*Wolverine 72” skid steer brush mower

*JD 709 7’ 3pt rotary mower

*Westgo rock picker w/ hyd drive



*2013 Macdon A30D 18’ mower/conditioner w/ swing tongue, rubber on rubber rolls, SN#232553-13

*JD 567 Megawide round baler, 5×6 bales, 1000 PTO, net wrap & twine tie option, hyd lift picker, bale push bar, variable core option, Bale Trak Plus monitor, 1 season on forming belts 2019, 27571 total bales, SN#E00567X189861

*Vermeer 605H round baler w/ gathering wheels & hyd tie

*2011 Woods Alloway 25’ stalk shredder w/ 3pt, L-knives, low acres, SN#28016

*IH 1150 feed grinder/mixer

*7) Unused bundles of 10 continuous fence panels- 20’ x 6 bar w/ 1 ¼” x 14 ga round tubing, 5 uprights, clips & connectors, galvanized finish

*40) Unused 5’ x 10” portable panels

*16) Unused 5’ x 24’ free standing panels 

*2) Used bundles of 10 continuous fence panels- 20’ x 6 bar w/ 1 ¼” x 14 ga round tubing, 5 uprights, clips & connectors, galvanized finish

*2) Miami 150BU creep feeders

*Jet Co #70 wire winder w/ PTO drive



*2011 Ford F250 service truck, VIN#1FD782B69BEC58705

*2013 Ford F150, VIN#1FTFX1EFXDFC35159

*2003 Chev 2500 HD LT 4×4 ext cab pickup, 6.0L gas, auto, cloth int, p/w/l, 8’ box, grill guard, tool box, 5th wheel plate, nerf bars, 214000 miles showing

*4) Diamond C 20’ x 82” 14000lb flatbed equipment trailers

*Texas Bragg tandem axle light duty trailer, 16’2” x 6’5” bed, 15” deep angle sides, 8500 GVW, 205/75D15 tires w/ 5 bolt rims, full fenders, 2” ball hitch, VIN#17XFL1621A1003404

*Four Winds 30’ bumper pull travel trailer, VIN7CT20R2452054239



*Unused 40’ HQ, 9’6” height, gray, SN#LFIU8020474

*Unused 40’ HQ, 9’6” height, beige, SN#FLIU8020915

*Unused 20’ STD, beige, SN#BSLU3814785

*Unused 20’ STD, beige, SN#BSLU3814281

*Unused 20’ STD, tan, SN#SKYU2274976

*Unused 20’ STD, gray, SN#MBGU2008837

*Used 40’ HQ, blue, SN#SCZU5673367

*Used 40’ HQ, green, SN#CCLU6613336

*Used 40’ STD, green, SN#EMCU1304617

*Used 20’ STD, 8’ x 20’ x 8 ½’, light gray, SN#GATU0130549

*Used 20’ STD, 8’ x 20’ x 8 ½’, yellow, SN#WSCU3403773

*Used 40’ STD DD, doors on both ends- 1 end new doors, rare unit, SN#M0FU0780761



*1000 gallon diesel fuel tank w/ GasBoy pump & hose

*1000 gallon converted diesel fuel tank on running gear, 12V pump w/ hose 

*500 gal fuel tank w/ Fill Rite pump

*10T Jet floor jack

*Case J50 44” utility blade, fits Case 200 Series or 446 tractors, SN#J16086

*Ingersoll RM 38” mower deck, fits Case 200 Series or 446 tractors, SN#000492

*JD Z425 Zero turn lawn mower, 54” cut, 23hp B&S engine, needs some work, 592 hrs, SN#1M0Z425JTBM105849

*Ingersoll Hi Sweep 38 S90 lawn sweeper, easy emptying, SN#AT12339

*Toro Power Clear 421QE model 38586 snow thrower, quick shoot control system, power propel drive, elec start, SN#280001141

*Poulan Pro PR46 BT gas backpack leaf blower, SN#17050700501

*Echo PB-250 LN power blower, hand held 25cc blower, SN#P40212304789

*Butler 27’ full air floor w/ individual supports & perforated flashing, small hole perforations for grain, center & door sump

*Older safety pull

*Header mover for JD heads

*Couplamatic hyd hose maker, 110V elec crimping press & 7 crimping die sizes, includes hand held/manual in field service truck crimping press, asst of hyd ends & operators manual

*Large Kalamazoo metal bandsaw w/ stock feed

*GE motor & gearbox, 15hp, 3ph 460V motor, 26.56:1 gearbox, 3 ½” output shaft 

*Pacemaker motor & gearbox, 10hp, 3ph 230/460V motor, 31.4:l gearbox, 2 15/16” shaft 

*Genie 6.0hp wet/dry vac



*24) 50lb bags of Stockman’s Choice Erosion blend seed

*200) Unused cultivator sweeps

*2) JD rear spindles from JD 9660

*10) Belts for JD pickups

*Fine cut chopper drum for 9600

*Drive shaft for JD 600 or 900 series head

*Power beyond for JD 4250 tractor

*6) Pallets of steel

*3) Bundles of metal wall panels

*JD 9600 combine parts

*JD 930 flex head parts

*Pallet of JD 9600 combine parts incl 2 slow down kits for edible beans

*JD Model L 2 cyl engine, complete w/ hood & skid frame

*2) JD 930 flex head poly end dividers

*Long tooth sieve & chaffer, fits S680 or S690 JD combines

*Set of 4) JD 450lb wheel weights, off of 8000R series

*Set of 2) JD 158lb wheel weights, off of 8000R series

*Pair of CNH 1000lb wheel weights

*2) 6’ harrow sections w/ tow chain

*Front fenders for 8000 series JD tractor

*Large floor jack

*8000lb car hoist

*Blue Fastenal bolt bin

*Set of crop dividers for JD 930 head

*Storage shelves- 8) side brackets, 14) back braces, 12) 98 ½” shelves, 48) 36” shelves & hardware



*4) Sets of 445/22.5 & 455/22.5 super singles on alum wheels

*Camoplast 36” track, for JD 9000T, 20T & 30T

*PR) Camoplast 5500 16” tracks, 2” tread depth, for JD 8000, 20 & 30 series

*4) Goodyear DT800 380/90R54 tires

*4) Firestone 380/90R46 tractor tires w/ 10 bolt rims

*2) Firestone 380/85R30 tractor tires w/ 12 bolt dish for CNH

*2)  Goodyear 900/65R32 Special Sure Grip combine tires w/ JD 10 hole rims, 178A8 rating, new in 2012, low hrs

*Goodyear DT800 380/90R54 tires, 70%

*2) 18.4-38 tires on 9 hole rims

*4) Goodyear 20.8R42 tires

*4) Firestone 900-20 truck tires w/ pilot rims 

*8) Firestone T831 radial truck tires

*Coop 15.5/38 tractor tire 

*2) JD 26” 8 hole rims

*Triple spacers, 10 hole for JD

*2) Monorib tires

*2) Goodyear 7.5-18 triple rib tires

*2) Goodyear 7.6-16 single rib tires

*2) Goodyear Supergrip 8-16 tires on 6 hole rims

*3) 6-bolt implement rims w/ misc implement tires

*3) Chevrolet 18” rims

*4) 11R22.5 bar grip tires

*4) 265/70R18 tires

*2) 11R22.5 tires w/ 10 bolt steel rims

*15) New Recap 11R22.5 tires

*Several other truck tires


GRAND FORKS AREA EQUIPMENT & TRUCK AUCTION- For more information call 701-757-4015 office, 701-215-2058 Dennis, 701-317-0870 Mark


TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds.  All sales final.  Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising.  ND Sales tax laws may apply on some new farm equipment, construction & consumer units. Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers.  Due to some conflicts at press time, please note some file photos, see website for originals.


Canadian buyers are always welcome.  Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.


AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Resource Auction, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, ph 701-757-4015, fax 701-757-4016, Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, ND Clerk Lic 624, email- [email protected], website-

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Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Resource Auction, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.